YouTube Rewind 2013 - The Year of PewDiePie

The brand new video “YouTube Rewind 2013″ uploaded today by YouTube, highlights just how successful a year it truly was for now world famous gaming YouTuber PewDiePie.

The now annual “Rewind” mash-up video created by YouTube each December, showcases the very best in viral content on YouTube throughout the year. A host of YouTube celebrities take part in the multimillion-viewed video, including Tobuscus, Jenna Marbles and iJustine. This years music theme was the viral sensation “What Does The Fox Say?” from Norwegian performers YLVIS.

Rooster Teeth gamer Gavin Free appeared along side his partner in the Slow Mo Guys, Dan Gruchy, to do what they do best: Blow things up. Sam and Niko from Corridor Digital demonstrated their signature mind-blowing visual effects seen in countless gaming and action videos on their YouTube channel.

But when the music had died down and the flashy graphics were over, only one man was left in shot: PewDiePie. 2013 was a year of unmeasurable success for the Swedish gamer who is most famous for his terrified outbursts on horror game let’s plays. Overtaking comedy duo Smosh on 15 August 2013, PewDiePie secured his place in internet history as the the most subscribed channel on YouTube. as of today, his channel has unbelievably 17,609,974 subscribers.

It’s hard to say what challengers for the top spot on YouTube PewDiePie will face in the coming year . But with new video share integration featured on next-gen consoles, 2014 is set to be an exciting and unpredictable year for online video gaming.