YouTube Gaming Now Offers Mobile Services and Sponsorship Option

by on October 16, 2015



In a new article from YouTube today the blog announced that “YouTube Gaming” would be available for some mobile devices, would offer a sponsorship button, and will have improved features.

YouTube will let you record your own mobile gameplay, on only Android as of now, by using the “mobile capture” feature on YouTube Gaming. You can use the camera to record yourself as you play the game.The sponsorship option that was just introduced is only available in the beta for a few different selective users. It will allow viewers to help fund their favorite streamers and they will also receive special content from the streamer if they sponsor them.

The other feature changes are as follows:

  • “More easily see when there are live streams for games in your collection”
  • “Easier video bookmarking with Watch Later”
  • “Improved performance and a redesigned watch page on gaming.youtube.com
  • “Better search navigation on iOS by remembering your previous searches”
  • “Import existing subscriptions anytime from YouTube via Settings”


You can read the full release from the YouTube blog here.