YouTube Gaming launching later today

YouTube Gaming, Google’s answer to Twitch, is due to launch later today, with a companion app on iOS and Android launching alongside the website.

YouTube is already used by the majority of streamers on Twitch for archiving purposes, with most of their streams or highlights ending up on Google’s video-sharing site . With the introduction of YouTube Gaming, everything will now be in one place making streamers and viewers lives easier.

The launch of YouTube Gaming  will see Twitch face its biggest competition in the streaming arena and will no doubt spark a healthy compeition between the two rivals. Google had tried previously to purchase Twitch last year but were unsuccessful with Amazon landing the video game streaming site.

One weapon Google has up its sleeve to take people away from Twitch is the introduction of a “DVR Mode” which will capture the last four hours of a live stream, giving viewers the options to rewind the stream at any time.

Google’s rival for Twitch, YouTube Gaming, will launch later today, according to Ars Technica. The service is similar to Twitch in that it allows gamers to stream their games live to audiences around the world.