Xbox One won’t suffer from Game Drought after launch say Microsoft

If you’re worried that the Xbox One may suffer a post launch games drought like the 360, Microsoft has tried to put you at ease by stating that “On a month by month basis, you’re going to have something you can go out and play,” after the initial surge of launch games.  The Xbox One will launch with a total of 20 games, so it is important for purchasers of Microsoft’s next-gen console that there is a steady flow of quality games on the horizon.

Microsoft Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer was speaking to Polygon about the post launch game schedule of Xbox One. “I think back to the Xbox 360 launch, I don’t think we really had those mega franchises that were landing in winter to spring that we’re seeing out of third parties in that same timeframe for Xbox One.”

“Rolling into the next holiday, we haven’t announced everything that’s coming yet,” he said. “But that line-up from first party also looks strong. I don’t mind saying that on 360, I think we had a gap. We had our launch line-up … and a couple Japanese games, but in that first half of the following year, we were a little dry from a first-party standpoint.”

Keen to state that what happened on the 360 would not be repeated on Xbox One, Phil Spencer added, “I look at the next 18 to 24 months, and really on a month by month basis, you’re going to have something you can go out and play,” he said. “It’s not really a portfolio plan that way, but when I look at the way the portfolio is laying out … I think people are going to be happy with the line-up that’s coming. And I haven’t even mentioned when Halo is coming or some of the big mega franchises.”

Big titles which are in the pipelines for a release on Xbox One in 2014 include Watch Dogs, who’s release date was pushed back from 2013 to 2014, along with the highly anticipated Titanfall and Destiny.

However despite Spencer’s words, we aren’t set to see too many games between now and the launch of the Titanfall and Watch Dogs for example, so is the current launch line-up enough to keep gamers occupied until the early months of 2014? Let us know your thoughts!


Source: *Polygon