“Xbox One will Boot Faster than your TV” Claim Microsoft

Microsoft has claimed that the Xbox One will likely boot faster than your TV when starting from standby mode. Albert Penello, Xbox Director of Product Planning, was clarifying the Xbox One’s three power states on Reddit when he made the claim.

“On is On. Off is Off. Standby allows “Xbox On”, quick resume, checking for updates, etc.”

“[Standby] is the mode we’d like to see people in, obviously, so you get back to gaming or watching TV really quick. From standby, it’s likely the Xbox will be on before the TV is completely powered up.”

When in standby mode, users will be able to quickly power up their Xbox One by simply saying “Xbox On”. While in standby mode, the console will also download software updates automatically while the player is away.

Microsoft haven’t stated how long the console will take to start up from being fully turned off however, but we look forward to being able to jump straight back into the action within a matter of seconds from standby mode. It is still unknown how much power the Xbox One will require though while in standby mode.

Xbox One launches worldwide November 22.