Xbox One Twitch live streaming available now

Xbox One Twitch live streaming functionality is now available for users to stream directly from their consoles.

Twitch announced that the functionality actually went live a little sooner than expected, which is great for those who were hoping to be able to stream Titanfall as soon as they purchased it.

The Twitch streaming app on the Xbox One appears to be very similar to that of the PS4 app, with perhaps some slight increases in functionality and an apparent advantage in streaming quality. The Xbox One Twitch app requires Xbox Live Gold to stream. The content streamed directly from the console will be archivable providing the ‘archive content’ setting is selected in your user settings on the Twitch website.

Due to the huge numbers of PS4 users that have been streaming content from their consoles, it will be very interesting to see just how much of Twitch’s streaming content will come from sources other than PCs now that the streaming content is available on both of the next generation consoles.

Microsoft have recently released a video that will help guide users into how to use the new functionality.