Xbox One Twitch App to Stream at 720p

With Xbox One users due to be able to stream directly to Twitch from next week Reddit user ‘rotj’ has analysed and posted the tech specs of a test stream and has compared it to the PS4.

It seems that the upgraded Xbox One Twitch App will broadcast at a resolution of 1280×720, with a constant frame rate of 30fps and approximately 2.5Mbps directly from the console and to Twitch for all users to watch. Some other information worth noting is that archiving is enabled, you can see the chat and viewer stats without displaying them on stream and Twitch will not broadcast audio from party chat. This functionality is expected next week. The PS4 on the other hand, streams from the console at 960×540, 30fps and approximately 1.7Mbps.

Whilst the PS4 has had built-in Twitch streaming capabilities from the launch of the console, Xbox One users have had to wait, regardless of Twitch being announced for the Xbox One before the PS4. It is clear now though that the Xbox One required some further work to be put into the process in order to hit this higher quality and to ensure the snap functionallity works effectively. This improved capability will surely make some Xbox One users forgive the delay in the broadcast feature coming to the console.

We at JumpToGamer we certainly be testing the capabilities of this Broadcast feature shortly after it’s launch, so follow us on Twitter @JumpToGamer or find us on Facebook in order catch our stream.

If you want to check the specifications for the Xbox One stream, check the link here.