Xbox One Price Announced

Microsoft today announced at E3 how much their next-gen console, the Xbox One will cost.

The Xbox One will go on sale this November with a recommended retail price of £429 in the UK and 499 Euros in Europe. However Gamers in the USA will only be paying $499 which is considerable cheaper than this side of the Atlantic by over £100.

This could be a costly move by Microsoft, however it would depend on what Sony pulls out the bag with regards to the pricing for the PS4. At present, we only know that the PlayStation 4 will be releasing this holiday. However are still unsure where exactly both consoles stand with regards to pre-owned games and requiring a constant internet connection.

There is still a lot at stake for both Microsoft and Sony, but since both companies announced their latest consoles and neither coming out with the information gamers want to hear, it would seem they are pushing gamers away more than attracting them, and this recent price announcement won’t help in giving Microsoft the edge. Add to that the fact that many Xbox owners feel that Microsoft are focusing more on home Entertainment than on the gaming.

It’s going to be an interesting battle which will go right to the wire to determine who will come out on top on next-generation consoles.