Xbox One Graphic Drivers described as “Horrible” by Developers

It would appear that Developers aren’t satisfied with the Xbox One graphic drivers. Both Sony and Microsoft are still working on their graphic drivers, however it seems that the Xbox One is lagging behind it’s rival the PS4. The Xbox One’s graphic drivers have been called “Horrible” by some, while others have stated that the Xbox One “has been late on their drivers and that has been hurting them,” while taking to Edge.

However Microsoft and Sony will continue to work on their graphic drivers, right up to, and beyond their launches in November. Microsoft are aware of the issues and will aim to drastically improve them, so by the time of launch the difference between the two consoles should be minimal. The hardware isn’t locked so we are likely to still see further improvements

This latest news about the Xbox One’s “horrible” graphic drivers comes at a time when developers have also stated that the power difference between the Xbox One and PS4 is “significant” and “obvious.” The PlayStation 4 is still currently 50% faster than the Xbox One, and Microsoft’s recent move to up the clock speed of the Xbox One has been said to not be significant and doesn’t change things much.

Both Microsoft and Sony are encouraging developers to take advantage of each platform’s unique features, such as the Kinect and DualShock 4′s touch pad. But many developers do not see this as a viable option, at least not yet.

“They really want us to make use of platform specific stuff to give their version a leg up over the other, But unless there’s a good design reason or incentive we rarely do.” stated one developer. And many in the industry feel that the graphic drivers are also holding back each platform with this regard.

“The poor graphics drivers have made it difficult to push either of them, and the developers aren’t familiar with the hardware yet,“