Xbox One Gamescom Summary

Here’s your very own Xbox One Gamescom Summary, highlighting some of the more important announcements made by Microsoft yesterday in Germany. Some of the biggest news at this years Gamescom for the Xbox One platform is that Microsoft confirmed at that anybody in Europe who pre-orders the Xbox One will receive a free copy of Fifa 14 bundled with the console.

This is certainly great news for any fans of the FIFA franchise, as not only will they grab themselves a great free game with the console, but it has been confirmed that FIFA 14 will include an ‘Ultimate Team Legends’ feature that is exclusive to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms. This is the start of the new partnership between EA and Microsoft that will bring much more exclusive content and timed-content to the Xbox platform.

This comes alongside other announcements such as Xbox FINALLY instigating dedicated servers for the Call of Duty franchise’s multiplayer – starting with Call of Duty: Ghosts. This comes alongside a newly announced game mode called ‘Blitz’ that will see players fighting for control of the opposing team’s location. When players reach a specific point in the opposing team’s camp, they will score and be transported back to their own spawn point.

There were also announcements of Ryse’s Multiplayer mode, Fable Legends, and the confirmation of exclusive content coming to the Xbox One with the impending release of Massive’s, The Division. Microsoft also detailed their stronger alliance with Indie Games, announcing the availability of two free dev kits to Indie developers. They also confirmed that all features of the Xbox One, including SmartGlass and Kinect 2.0, would be available for Indie dev’s to make use of in their dev kits.