Xbox One Digital Sharing to make a return when “The time is right” say Microsoft

Despite changing many of the features which set the Xbox One apart from the PS4 with regards to the Xbox One Digital Sharing, Microsoft executive Albert Penello has stated that the digital sharing could make a return in the future in an interview during PAX Prime with GameSpot.

Despite remaining very much disc-orientated, the Xbox One will be more digitally inclined than the Xbox 360. Some features which were removed as result of how the console worked included the ability to trade or loan your digital games as well as allowing up to the 10 family members to play the same Xbox One games from any system. But with these being features which didn’t upset gamers as much as others, Penello indicated that the family sharing feature and others will be revisited in the future and possibly added to the Xbox One.

When Penello was asked if Microsoft wanted to allow gamers to resell their digital games, he said, “Well, actually I think if you go back and you look at some of the things we said, that was one of the places that we were actually trying to pioneer. We were trying to implement the ability to trade and loan digital games with your friends which is something that no one else was doing.”

“I believe, in retrospect that people have calmed down and gone back and actually looked at what we said, people are starting to understand, ‘Wow, they did want actually to allow me to loan and trade’ which other digital ecosystems don’t want to do. And so, yeah, I think we need to do that. That has to be part of the experience. Right now, we’re focused on launch and we switched the program back to discs, because that’s what customers wanted.”

Penello also stated that he received frequent requests from gamers to bring back the “Family Sharing Feature”, and had to say, “We’d love to figure out how to bring that back. I still think it was a good idea. Maybe it was a little too soon for some people, but I still think there were a lot of good ideas in there. And we’ll bring it back when the time is right.”

Any games you buy on your Xbox One console can be played by anyone, no matter what Gamertag they are using as long as they are playing on that console the game was purchased on. You will also be able to play that game on other systems if you sign into the same Gamertag,

The Xbox One will be launching November 22, with shipments already on their way to being dispatched to retailers.