“Xbox, Record That” – Xbox One Allows you to Capture Gaming Moments Instantly

“Xbox, Record That” – Xbox One Allows you to Capture Gaming Moments Instantly

Thanks to the Kinect, one of the more exciting features the Xbox One has is the ability to record your gaming accomplishments instantly by simply saying “Xbox, record that”. Not only is it quick and easy to record your favourite moments in game, but you can easily share those with your friends via SkyDrive. The Xbox One allows you to save and edit your clips, then upload to SkyDrive all from the comfort of your console. Once your clips are uploaded to the cloud, you can share them with whoever you like without any restrictions or limitations. This isn’t limited to just pictures however, with you able to record video footage as well to share.

The Xbox One will certainly make sharing gameplay moments easier than it has ever been before. How many times have you seen some funny bug or glitch within a game, but had to take a picture with your phone to share it? Those days are long gone thanks to Xbox One!

To see how seamless this is and the kind of editing you can do to your clips, watch the video below!


Source: *Major Nelson Blog

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