Xbox Marketing Leaders leaving right before Xbox One Launch?

After what has been a rough year so far for Microsoft with regards to marketing their next-gen console, Xbox One, it appears as though some senior marketing leaders at Microsoft have left right before the launch of Xbox One, some of whom have been with Microsoft for 10-12 years.

Although yet unconfirmed by Microsoft, Christa Carter sparked suggestions of Microsoft losing members of it’s marketing team via Twitter. For those unaware of who Christa Carter is, she is described by IGN as ” veteran of the video game industry who has held roles in a variety of different aspects of the business.”

It comes as no surprise that members of Microsoft’s marketing team will be parting companies considering the amount of flack Xbox One has come in for from all directions.

Microsoft have seen some big changes in personnel since the announcement of Xbox One, including Don Mattrick who was at the center of the Xbox One reveal in May. It was Mattrick who infamously stated that if you wanted to play offline, then you should stick with the 360. Following Don Mattrick’s decision to leave Microsoft in favour of Zynga, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was the next to follow, announcing that he was to leave his position within the next year.

It’s unclear what kind of impact such a move will have on Microsoft, or whether or not they were relived of there position or decided to leave. But given the Xbox One marketing and PR has been teetering on self destruct since the Xbox One announcement, this comes as little surprise. Although there is no doubt that the perception of Xbox One wasn’t helped by comments made by senior members of the Xbox Divison including Mattrick’s comments before he left. Maybe they became unsatisfied with the direction the Xbox is heading in?

Could Microsoft be recruiting some fresh blood to rejuvenate the marketing campaign for  Xbox One? Or maybe now most of the marketing for the Xbox One is done they are no longer needed?

Update: Christa Carter has since stated on Twitter, “It was just something I noticed on LinkedIn. I have no inside knowledge, I left MS 3 yrs ago, and wish them a successful launch”

It hasn’t been confirmed by Microsoft yet, but also hasn’t been denied so this could still prove to be true.