What’s coming soon to Xbox Live Game Store?

What’s coming soon to Xbox Live Game Store?

Xbox’s Major Nelson has revealed what add-ons and games will be coming to the Xbox Live Game Store this month, as well as what games will be going up for discount and the famous Black Friday Sale!

The Black Friday Sale will start November 26 and run through to December 2. It hasn’t yet been revealed what games will be on sale and at what price, but there’s a good chance you’ll be able to grab some amazing games at amazing prices.

The pick of the sales is Dishonored and it’s DLC which will be going on sale 19-25 November, at a discount of 67% on the main game. Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches, Void Walker’s Arsenal, The Knife of Dunwall and Dunwall City Trials are all 50% off respectively. If you don’t own Dishonored, this is the perfect time to purchase.

Other notable games going on sale are the rather disappointing The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct at 50% and the Deadliest Warrior series also at 50%.

For a full list of the DLC releasing this month and the price it will cost, head over to Major Nelson’s blog

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