What PS4 Bundles Would You Like To See?

With the release of the PS4 only a few months away and the fact that pre-orders are already through the roof, what PS4 bundles would you like to see? And if a bundle that really got you excited was made available, would it sway you into pre-ordering now or if you’ve already pre-ordered would it make you change your order?

I love the idea of bundles as usually we get a discounted price on the items we receive with it and, more often than not, some of the bundles can include some great items. I have already pre-ordered my PS4 bundle from UK retailer Game, and the items I receive with it will add a lot more variety to the games I’ll be playing come launch. The bundle includes the PS4 (obviously), one controller, Killzone Shadow Fall, Drive Club and a 30 day PlayStation Plus card. Even though this is great, I would have like to have seen a mix-and-match option with the ability to pick two games that are being released on launch to go with the console at a discounted price. Because this option is not available I have also had to pre-order Assassins Creed: Black Flag separately and hope that the bundle won’t be priced too high.

I’ve also seen a lot of requests for the PS4 eye to be included in a bundle. This seems more than likely to happen in the near future, but I’ve not seen any bundles including the eye yet.

So, if you had the chance to mix-and-match would you? I know I’d change my current order. I’d replace Killzone Shadow Fall and Drive Club with Assassins Creed: Black Flag and Watch Dogs, and if this option ever becomes available to me there will be no time wasted in changing it. Hopefully, in the near future, we will see a wider variety of bundles and I’m counting on the bundles to come with a discounted price as it defeats the point of it being a bundle. As we get closer and closer to launch, expect retailers to be giving out more information on bundles. You never know, you might just find the perfect bundle for you.

If any of you UK readers would like to look at the bundles currently on offer at Game, you can go check them out here.