Valve now allows you to report Steam Tags

An update to Steam last week gave users the ability to assign tags to games, however suitable or inappropriate they may have been. However as the situation grew steadily out of control, with all kinds of tags appearing for games, Valve has inevitably released an update which will allow users to report inappropriate Steam tags.

On the Steam client beta Forums, Valve developer Al Farnsworth revealed the changes which have been made to the tag system. Users can report tags by clicking the flag icon which appears next to each tag, with users getting the option to report the tag based on Offensive/abusive tag, Not appropriate for this product, Not a helpful tag and Spoiler.

In addition to this, tags need to be applied by more users before they will show on the popular tags section and the “For You” / Recommended tags will only recommend tags that apply to multiple games. And for those who hate cursing in particular, Steam have also fixed the issue where swear words would show unfiltered in some places.

Source: *Steam Forums