Upcoming 3DS and WiiU Account Mergence and New 3DS Applications

Nintendo Direct is a monthly online presentation in which current and upcoming games, software, and events are discussed by some of the leaders in the Nintendo world such as Reggie Fills-Aime and Satoru Iwata. The most recent Nintendo Direct episode unveiled new plans for the 3DS and WiiU’s connectivity.

Nintendo fans have been pleading for a better account system for the 3DS for some time now, and it looks like in the newest Nintendo Direct we are starting to get a small taste of what has been asked for. The main gripe with the 3DS account system has been that games purchased are tied to the system instead of the account, thus putting the user at risk if the console would be lost or damaged.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has decided to address a different issue: merging the e-shop balances of the players 3DS and WiiU accounts into one under the same Nintendo Network I.D. name. In other words, if a WiiU had $20 credit on it and a 3DS had $30 credit, they could be merged under the same account for a shared $50 to be spent between both systems. This is going to be implemented in an update coming to the 3DS next month.

3DS users who participated in the Fire Emblem: Awakening and Shin Megami Tensei IV $30 e-shop credit that ran back in July and August might find this especially useful. I know I still have a few bucks left from that promotion and will happily pick a new game on my WiiU when the accounts merge the balances.

If you still cannot find anything to spend your credit on, Nintendo has announced a few sales for this month and the next. Starting with the Legend of Zelda series on November 14th, a new series will have a few of their key games on sale every Thursday. Nintendo has confirmed the games on sale will be as followed for the Link week:

The Legend of Zelda - Was: $4.99 on sale for $3.49

The Legend of Zelda II – Adventure of Link – Was: $4.99 on sale for $3.49

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX – Was: $5.99 on sale for $3.99

The first two titles will be available on both WiiU and 3DS while the last is only on the 3DS. Mega Man will have his go the week after Link, then Mario, and finally Donkey Kong will finish the chain of sales on the final week of December 5th to the 12th


Miiverse has always been a popular community hub for the WiiU, allowing players to share drawings and chat with others revolving around a specific game. Nintendo has just announced they are extending the application to the 3DS with the upcoming system update. It has had a strong community showing on the WiiU and is expected to continue to do so also on the 3DS.

YouTube, like Miiverse, is on the WiiU yet absent from the 3DS: until now. In the Nintendo Direct event it was announced that the 3DS will finally be getting the popular video service while the WiiU will be getting a much needed update to theirs as well. This YouTube update will be coming this month, instead of next month like the others. Both interfaces look great and allow the user to use one screen to watch a video and the other screen can be used to search for a new video or scroll through the page.

Overall, the updates are a step in the right direction although a stronger account system is what the 3DS desperately needs.