Ultimate Football Live – Football Management MMO

Ultimate Football Live is a Football Management MMO currently under development since 2011. The creation of the game came around after the demise of Football Manager Live, developed by Football Manager’s Sports Interactive.Currently in Pre-Alpha, the game will be Client based (download), however a price is yet to be decided and it is likely to be Subscription based. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

It’s a project made by the community, for the community. The Development team have been funding this project themselves, with help from the community via donations. However at the moment the project isn’t featured on Kickstarter. They have formed their own company called Netsports Software Ltd.


Ultimate Football Live gives you the chance to create your very own football club. You can personalise the Team name, Badge, Kit and sign your initial players from a pool. From here you will be able to set your tactics, whether that is changing your formation, squad selection and player roles. You will then be ready to compete online against AI and real managers 24/7.

However that is just the beginning. UFL will feature a detailed and realistic transfer system. This will allow you to conduct private transfers with other managers, or buy and sell on the in-game auction house. You can expect everything from Free transfers, Loans and Part Exchanges and more to detailed contract negotiations and Youth players. A key feature is the implementation of Youth Academies. This will allow you to produce and nurture your very own stars of the future. Whether you choose to build them up for your first team, or sell them on for profit is your choice.

One of the most important features will be the Social side of the game. Join the chat rooms and discuss anything, conclude that transfer or brag about your recent victory. You can even join the poker lounge and have a hand at winning some currency.

There currently is no set release date for UFLive. The development team have stated that it will be released when it is ready. This is an advantage as they work part time on the project and do not have any deadlines to work to.

Currently there is a build of the game which is playable. However this is only accessible by the Devs. It has the core features such as Club creation, a transfer market and the ability to play matches. In time other features will be added until the build is stable and robust enough to allow testers in.

If you are interested in getting involved in the project, there our a number of different ways to get involved. The first way is to sign up to the forums, get to know new members and offer any suggestions and ideas which you have. The game is still in development so its not too late to express your opinion!

Published by Stephen Jackson

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