Ubisoft explains pricing on PlayStation Store and Xbox Games Store

After Sony revealed prices of digital games on the UK PlayStation Store earlier in the week, many gamers were upset with the difference in price between PS4 and Xbox One digital games. This led to price reductions on a number of PS4 games to bring them inline with Xbox One prices. Along with EA, Ubisoft lowered the prices of their titles, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Just Dance earlier this afternoon. Both games had originally cost £3 more on Sony’s console than Microsoft’s, but they now cost the same on both platforms. However Ubisoft has revealed that the pricing for digital games on PS4 and Xbox One may not be the same across the two platforms due to “pricing matrices” which are set by Sony and Microsoft.

In a statement provided to VideoGamer.com by Ubisoft, they stated, “Both Microsoft and Sony provide pricing matrices for games sold digitally via their respective services, similar to the way tiered wholesale pricing works on Apple’s iTunes,”

“Developers, including Ubisoft, then select a wholesale price within those tiers that best corresponds to our expectations of the games’ overall value and market potential. However, the final retail prices are determined by the vendor.”

“Also, because those two matrices are not identical the resulting prices on the two online services don’t always align. We’re aware this is potentially confusing for customers and are looking into what can be done.”

Most games on the UK PlayStation Store are now identically priced to their counterparts on Xbox Live Games Store after Sony negotiated with EA and Ubisoft earlier on to reduce the prices for PS4 owners, stating that the prices originally listed were not final and subject to change ahead of the PlayStation 4’s launch in the UK this Friday.

However it still seems strange that the pricing of digital games on PS4 and Xbox One are the same price, or more expensive than their retail counterparts. Surely digital games should be cheaper to the consumer as the cost of manufacturing, packaging and delivery etc do not need to be counted for?

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Source: *VideoGamer.com