Ubisoft expects Xbox One & PS4 to sell Twice as Fast as Last-Gen

Ubisoft have stated that they believe twice as many Xbox Ones and PS4s will be sold within the first couple of years than the Xbox 360 and PS3 sold during the same period. Speaking to GamesIndustry, they also said that the social features on both consoles are being  dramatically undervalued by critics.

Tony Key, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Ubisoft believes that the social elements is one reason why both consoles will be so successful. “Think about all the things we’ve learned socially since the last consoles launched seven years ago,”

“Facebook was still at Harvard. Smartphones were in their infancy. All these changes that occurred were factored into not only this hardware, but into the games as well… You’ll see over the next year or so how consumers drive innovation on that as people begin sharing things we completely didn’t expect. I think it will be the wild card in the future of these systems.”

“Our feeling is the installed base of these machines will be much faster to take hold than previous generations, In the first couple of years, we expect double the installed base of previous generations [during that same time period]. … The reason why is: the last cycle was longer, so there’s a lot of pent up demand.”

Key also said that next-gen will allow developers to try things in game they have never been able to do before and believes that is what the game industry needs.

“That’s what we need: We need to bring excitement back to this industry.”


Sources: *GamesIndustry