Twitch Plays Pokemon Complete Pokémon Red

Experimental gaming sensation, Twitch Plays Pokemon, actually completed Pokémon Red this weekend.

The immensely popular ‘Twitch Plays Pokemon’ project began in mid-February and allows Twitch users to ‘collaborate’ and play a Pokémon game together by typing a button input into the Twitch chat which will than be translated into the game, and by some apparent miracle, they have managed to complete a full game of Pokémon Red.

The text input has a delay of between 20-30 seconds and typically has thousands upon thousands of viewers at one time, with many attempting to sabotage the game, which makes it all the more impressive that they managed to complete the game, albeit in 16 days. The developer of the project had to implement a ‘democracy’ mode in which players vote on what the next button input will be in order for some of the more complicated puzzles to be completed.

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The project has now moved onto ‘playing’ the updated second generation game, Pokémon Crystal, and are currently hit 1 day’s game time at the time of writing. ‘Twitch Plays Pokémon’ has hit huge popularity on Tumblr as well as some areas of Reddit, and whilst it certainly has a fair share of entertainment value, you’d better be prepared for a barrage of memes if you’re eager to check it out for yourself.