Twitch confronts non-gaming PS4 streams

One of the new and rather appealing features of both the PS4 and Xbox One is the ability to stream live gaming footage straight from your console. Though, as the Xbox One’s streaming feature will not be available until early next year, the PS4′s Twitch streaming service had been available for some time via the Playroom app, though the keywords here are “had been”.

Many users were caught posting some non-gaming content using said app, which goes against Twitch’s Terms of Service. Many PS4 streams had been debuting content that either lacked real activity, were completely disconnected from video games whatsoever, or contained some rather… unsavory pieces. Previously, Twitch had been doing a major swipe of these streams; banning those who chose to post such content on the app, though now it would seem that The Playroom app has been removed completely from the Twitch directory, given the direct violation of their ToS by such a vast sum of people.

A Twitch spokesperson informed Joystiq ”We will look into adding it back as PS4 owners become more familiar with the games-only focus of Twitch content. In the meantime, you can view all of the amazing gameplay from PS4 broadcasters in this directory page on Twitch.”, so perhaps there is still hopes for those wanting to earn their claim to fame by streaming all sorts of games from their next-gen consoles, though for now, it may be best to keep the feature disabled, as watching an amateur husband-wife call-in show streamed right from a PS4 might not be appealing to some gamers.


Source: *Joystiq