Twitch announces third-party audio recognition, shuts down has recently announced their plan to block VOD s that contain third-party audio earlier today.

The plan which will be rolled out today will involve scanning of past VOD s of broadcasters and muting 30 minutes of when the copyrighted audio starts.

The blog post says that Audio Recognition will only be run against audio in VODs. [They] are not scanning live broadcasts and there is no automated takedown of live content. The post also states that Audio Recognition is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate

This takes place not long after Google s rumoured acquisition of Twitch for $1 billion but this has not been confirmed by either parties.

Twitch also recently announced it was closing down one of the first streaming services. COO Kevin Lin said: We are immensely proud of s legacy. Not only is it the birthplace of Twitch, but it was the pioneer of live video on the Internet.

Twitch will be letting people ask their opinions on the matter on a Reddit AMA on /r/Twitch on Thursday, August 7 and Twitch Weekly: Friday, August 8.

Source: *Twitch Blog