Tropico 5 beta test starting in March

Kalypso has announced that Tropico 5 will be receiving a beta in March in which players are now able to sign up to help improve the game ahead of its launch later this year.

“Under the wise and benevolent guidance of El Presidente, players can help make Tropico 5 the best game possible by taking part in a Beta test this March.”

Registration is available now and will require you to have a Kalypso launcher and forum account in order to apply. You will also be required to state your PC specs.

If you have a huge enthusiasm for city-building titles and have a wide experience playing within the genre, then Kalypso want you to apply here.

Tropico will bring with it lots of new feature including including advanced trading mechanics, technology, scientific research trees and island exploration. Another new feature is Dynasties which allow your El Preisdente to assign extended family to positions of power to help reign over your tropical island. Cooperative and competitive multiplayer will also feature for the first time in the series.


Source: *Press Release