Top Tips To Become An Effective Indie Game Developer  

Indie gaming is huge and you can be a big part of it if you’re willing to work hard and make the right decisions. So, if you want to be an effective developer, these tips are here to help.  

 1) Use Old Assets

As we have mentioned previously, resource management is essential for indie game developers.  The basic rule is to utilise as many resources as possible from your repository.  This can be a design, a code or a technique you may have used earlier.  By doing this, you are not only saving time but are also adding value to the project by utilising older resources.  If you are concerned about the potential similarity to previous game releases, all you need do is tinker about to make the final result unique.  If you want to add interest, create deep characters as this piece from Amiqus shows. Ultimately, you save time and production costs by using old assets.


 2) Do Not Reinvent The Wheel 

 Beginning a new project can be an exciting experience for indie game developers regardless of whether the project is personal or freelance contracted.  Irrespective of the type of project, it can be easy to lose your way if you attempt to “reinvent the wheel”.  If you find yourself creating 2D images or fully-fledged functions as movement controls for a game character, then you are trying to reinvent the wheel and are going about this the wrong way. 

 Instead of beginning from the beginning, it is advised that you use the resources available in existing libraries.  Utilise the available engines, tools and anything else that is already possible to source.  Not only will you save yourself a large amount of time creating trivial items, but you will utilise the time for development of game mechanics, building core game aspects, and completing different game designs. 


 3) Taking Advantage Of Digital Distribution 

 Digital distribution has recently become a common theme among different gaming companies as a means of distributing games.  As an indie game developer, it is recommended that you opt for digital distribution as well and cut the cost of distributing physical copies into the market.  Thanks to the success of increasing internet speeds across the globe, digital distribution has become more popular and ubiquitous. 


 4) A Procedural Generation

 One of the key topics in the new gaming industry is procedural generation.  This refers to allowing the machine to complete the development tasks utilising procedural algorithms.  The procedural generation has grown in popularity among indie game developers due to the fact that it benefits the team as compared to game assets or manual content generation. 

 Using procedural generation, the content of the game is unlimited in its amount of generation according to the algorithm.  Of course, the algorithm will need to be defined by the indie game developer; however, game developers have been known to formulate algorithms that offer in excess of 5 billion years of game-play.  One successful example of procedural generation is the game known as Minecraft. 


 5) Using Free Open Technology

 Open technology is available in all areas and at all times; for indie game developers this is particularly beneficial.  As an indie game developer, it is essential to utilise the open technologies or free technology to build games with reduced cost.  One of the best examples for using free open technology is the game CounterStrike which took a half-life engine as its base, altered it and resulted as the globe’s greatest multiplayer shoot-out game.   


 6) Streaming The Game Development Live 

 A lone shark will not survive for long periods in the gaming industry, particularly when it comes to indie game development.  The only means of survival is through collaboration with similar indie game developers asking them for free resources.  Further, it is possible to take advantage of live-coding which allows you to stream your game development procedure to a global audience. 

 By using a live streaming facility, not only will your game development be appreciated but you will also receive assistance from other indie game developers.  It is also possible to join forums to discuss problems you may have with game development and receive speedy solutions. Stack OverFlow is one of the most beneficial websites and typically helps game developers overcome at least 90% of their problems. 


 7) Developing Multiplayer Games

 While single player games are exciting and enjoyable, this does not mean that one should avoid multiplayer games.  The prospects associated with multiplayer games are far more than single player and will target a different audience.  The only problem in this case is that the resources and production cost are greater; however, if your game budget allows it you should explore multiplayer game development.