Top 5 Mods of the Week #1

Has Skyrim’s vast, open world become too boring and predictable for you? Have you collected and mastered every single weapon in Fallout: New Vegas, but feel like there’s something still missing from the Wasteland? Or do you just have a craving to turn GTA: San Andres into Jurassic Park? Well we at know how you feel, so we’ve started a brand new series to catered for your modding needs. Top 5 Mods of the Week will not only cover the latest mods for all manner of PC games, but also the very best of classic mods since the creation of Team Fortress from Quake in 1996. So clear some space in your hard drive, as we count down the Top 5 Mods of the Week.

5. Weapons of the New Millennia – Fallout New Vegas

Weapons of the new Millenia

This fantastic compilation mod adds 38 fully textured weapons to the Mojave Wasteland. The mod features a huge range of different weapon classes, from pistols and shotguns, to a wide variety of assault and sniper rifles. The fast majority of weapons also come with various attachments for maximum carnage. The highlights of this mod comes in the form of a range of AKs, as well as the Colt M41A pictured above.

Weapons of the New Millennia

4. A Quality Road Map with Roads – Skyrim

Detailed Maps

A somewhat simple Skyrim mod that adds a much prettier and better textured world map, complete with detailed roads. The addition of smaller roads may sound like a simple add-on, but from personal experience, I’ve found that this mod can be game-changing at times. You’re able to map the exact route you want to take, without spending hours wandering across mountain ranges when the path is impossible to find.

A Quality Road Map with Roads

3. Improved Atmosphere – Dragon Age Origins

Improved Atmosphere

This is an absolute must for Dragon Age Origins players. Improved Atmosphere breaths new live into the cities of Ferelden by giving NPCs new animations such as moving around, resting, and sitting. The mod also adds more banter triggers within your party, so you won’t have to wait as long to hear hilarious and superbly voice-acted exchanges between companions. But the highlight of this mod is the fact that it actually changes the attire of many NPCs, most notably early on in the game. Originally, characters usually would wear basic leather or steel armour when you begin the game. However, Improved Atmosphere now adds high tier equipment to these NPCs to better suit their rank, lore, etc.

It is worth noting that it highly recommended installing this mod after your first playthrough in order to get the full Dragon Age experience that the developers intended.

Improved Atmosphere

2. NCR Trooper Overhaul Distributed – Fallout: New Vegas

NCR Redesigned

Tired of seeing the same old generic NCR Troopers every time you play through Fallout? Well the NCR Trooper Overhaul mod has done the impossible: it has made NCR uniforms cool. This mod has completely resigns the trooper uniform in superb detail. Very rarely will you know see two trooper who look the same. From little additions such as side pouches and grenade belts, the NCR Trooper Overhaul is a mod you should not play without, especially for those looking to side with the New California Republic in their next playthrough.

NCR Trooper Overhaul Distributed

1. Equipping Overhaul - Skyrim

Equipping Overhaul

A mod for those who want a more realistic Skyrim experience. Equipping Overhaul allows your character to actual visibly carry one of each of the various weapons types in the game on them. Once added to the favourites menu, the player is able to carry swords, bows, pickaxes and staffs all at the same time. The mod also has various other options such as the ability to keep a torch lit even when it has been dropped.

For the more hardcore player, Equipping Overhaul has the option to actually drop your current weapon each time you switch to another weapon on your character. This gives battles a much more realistic feel as you quickly toss your bow aside to engage the enemy in melee when they get too close. This mod is well deserved as being third on the Files of the Month list for January on

Equipping Overhaul