Top 3 Mods for Mount and Blade: Warband

There is literally a mod for Mount and Blade: Warband for everyone. The reason why the game is so popular is largely due to the modding community and their tireless innovation and devotion to keep the game fresh. If you want to play as a British Redcoat (Napoleonic Wars) you can, if you want to play as a Samurai (Gekokoju) you can, if you want to play as an intergalactic bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe (Star Wars Conquest) you can. There is a mod for all occasions and interests, whether historical, fantasy or if you just want to lol around for an hour. First and foremost the reason why Warband is so enduring and loved is because it is fun, many hours can be spent hacking and slashing. The intense fun and brutality of the combat is the main selling point of the game. Warband is never going to win any prizes for presentation and performance, and in many ways the online multiplayer aspect and the modding community have galvanised and kept the game alive in many respects and I for one hope they continue. The mods are even more important given the rise of more polished and advanced ‘hack and slash’ games such as Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and War of the Roses. So I have listed my top 3 mods for the game, and I am aware that there are numerous awesome mods that I have overlooked so I apologise in advance.

A Clash of Kings

Set in the world of George R.R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, it is an absolute must for the fans of the novels and TV shows. The mod (which was created by Cozur and a host of other contributors) was evidently made with deep affection for the series. You can choose which end of the spectrum your character is going to come from, whether a lowly peasant in the Riverlands or from landed Gentry loyal to the Lannisters. Despite the landscape being one of a battered, war torn world the maps are beautifully textured and some of the highest quality I have seen in Warband. The player can choose to pledge his allegiance to the various claimants of the Iron throne or live a charmed existence being a sellsword ignoring the politics and travelling the kingdoms leading a mercenary group looking for a quick buck and a battle. Clash of Kings is a great mod and really enjoyable and is a must for those who are a fan of the novels and TV series.


Blood and Steel


The Blood and Steel mod is an absolute beast of a mod. It seems like it was made by someone who was unsatisfied with the scale and size of the battles in Warband, and who yearned literally for battles of epic proportions. Blood and Steel is basically a bigger, better and bolder version of Warband. The battles are so enormous that sometimes the player is left feeling isolated in a sea of noise and carnage. The missions and quests are still pretty similar, and you’ll still find yourself travelling into bandit camps but the AI is far more challenging. And as you progress, so does the AI to the point where sometimes retreat is the only viable option available. If you love single player Warband then this mod is pretty essential.


Regarded by many as the best mod for Warband, cRPG combines constant online multiplayer play and the continual theme of Warband, character progression. Essentially cRPG converts Warband into a MMO. Instead of fighting dull AI opponents in dull and repetitive battles, you are up against fellow players in large online multiplayer battles, and you are genuinely rewarded for how well you perform in battle, making for a very personal progression through the levels. cRPG is also a complete overhaul of online Warband, boasting server stability, fixes to bugs and genuine balance in matchmaking and weapon damage which have sometimes been called into question. An absolute must for Warband lovers.


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