Top 10 Survival Games 2014

The last few years has seen the survival genre go through a massive surge in popularity, with no sign of letting up just yet. Whether uit is trying to stay alive on a remote island filled with cannibals or fighting for your survival against both zombies and players, or why not even try to survive during a time where dinosaurs roamed the earth? There is a type of survival game for everyone. Millions of gamers alike are searching for that survival game that grabs their attention. The possibilities just keep on growing, so here are ten survival games I think you must play, or at the very least keep an eye out for this year.


The Forest

The Forest is an open-world, first-person horror survival game which will truly test your ability to survive where no where is truly safe. The Forest takes place after the plane in which you were traveling on crashes onto a remote island. You managed to survive the crash, but from here your luck has ran out as the island you now call your home is inhabited by cannibalistic mutants who take their shelter in the caves below the surface.

You must scavenge whatever supplies you can from the plane wreck as you begin setting out to build your shelter on that terrifying first night. Chop trees for wood, hunt the local wildlife for food and set-up your own campfire to provide crucial warmth and light. Whether you opt to build just a small shelter and move from location to location as you try to avoid the enemy tribe, or instead opt to build a huge fortress to fend off the cannibals when they come, The Forest gives you the choice.



 The Stomping Land

Currently available on Steam’s Early Access, The Stomping Ground takes players back to a time where man would around with nothing but a piece of foliage to keep their private bits hidden and would go hunting with spears and bows. As expected then, you play as a hunter and a scavenger in a world filled with dinosaurs. You must hunt and fight the dinosaurs in order to gather food, however it is the large dinosaurs you will need to go after if you are to have any real chance of staying alive.

Dinosaurs aren’t the only thing that roam the world though. Other human hunter gatherers are also in a battle to survive and will do what it takes to ensure their survival over yours. Unless they are friendly of course! The Stomping Ground requires players to use tracking methods in order to find the large dinosaurs. These dinosaurs can’t be killed by players but instead will fight each other. However they will provide you with enough food so it’s very important to search them out.

On top of hunting, you can also tame the beasts themselves. Camp building is also included in the game allowing players and friends to build their own camp which they can grow and expand. Players can even customize their character by finding foliage on the floor which you can then place anywhere on your hunter to give you an unique look.



State of Decay

State of Decay has been one of the best zombie survival games of the last year and continues to get better thanks to Undead Labs commitment to patching the game and releasing DLC. Currently available on Xbox 360 via Xbox Live and on PC via Steam, State of Decay is an open world, zombie survival game which puts in the players in the shoes of an ordinary person during the zombie apocalypse. From here it is your task to find survivors and build up your community. Gather supplies ranging from food, medicine, ammo, building materials and even fuel for your generators to give your base electricity, if you have them.

Breakdown will probably be the DLC of most interest to players, offering a truly sandbox mode to the game. In Breakdown you must repair an RV and decide when to move on. The map then resets and increases the difficulty level slightly. However the survivors and supplies you take with you carry over. It adds another way to change the game, and in my opinion is the preferred game mode over the campaign, which while still open-world, doesn’t offer you the same freedom as Breakdown. See our Breakdown Review for more details.




Rust is the latest game from Facepunch Studios, created by Garry Newman who developed the hugely successful Garry’s Mod. Rust drops players in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a rock. From here it is up to you what path you take. Become a nomad moving from location to location and trying to survive by gathering enough supplies for your weapons, armor, shelter and of course food. Alternatively, you can build a huge base with many different floors and watch towers as you try to stamp your authority on the server. Still in Alpha, Rust is an extremely promising game with its base-building mechanics being one of its biggest attractions.

Due to Rust’s success, the game is currently undergoing a huge code re-write which will see Rust become even better and enable the developers to add more features to the game which before wouldn’t have been possible.

You can keep track of Rust’s progress here.


DayZ is arguable the game which has been responsible for the survival genres massive rise in popularity. Starting as mod back in 2012 for Arma 2, DayZ has since become its own standalone game currently available on Steam. Set in the Soviet inspired Chernarus, players must scavenge for supplies whilst also avoiding the infected who roam the streets. In DayZ though, the biggest threat you face is from other players themselves who most of the time don’t hesitate to shoot. With a shoot first, ask questions later mentality, taking the walk into any major city without being well geared or checking your corners is likely to spell the end of your character’s adventure.

Despite being based on a military shooter, Arma 2 and DayZ alike are both more like simulators than actual shooters. This helps the game when it comes to its fantastic medical system and animations. The standalone also adds lots of customization to the game, spawning hundreds of different items and clothing for players to find and wear, from normal civilian gear to military clothing.

Features which are planned for later this year and will be added in 2014 include hunting and cooking, vehicles, more zombies, loot respawning along with base building.


Miscreated is an open-world survival MMO set in the year 2089 following two nuclear wars which have devastated the earth. The game is set to release in Alpha shortly and can be purchased from the Miscreated website and will later be available on Steam. You play as one of the few remaining survivors as you attempt to stay alive in a brutal and unforgiving world. Built using CryEngine, Miscreated looks beautiful and does a great job at creating the post-apocalyptic setting of the game.

Set in a 64km² persistent world along with persistent characters, Miscreated also features a dynamic weather system including rain, snow, fog and wind as well as a full day/night cycle changing the way you must play the game. You can also create your own bases which you will need to defend from mutants and other players alike. Miscreated also has a food and water system where low food levels reduce your players efficiency while being well fed will increase it.

Add in vehicles and Miscreated certainly looks like a promising entry into the survival genre.


Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is an open-world, top-down zombie RPG survival game set in the zombie infested Knox County. Created by The Indie Stone, the game has you playing as a survivor in the zombie apocalypse who must survive for as long as possible before your inevitable death, which is all but guaranteed thanks to Project Zomboid’s difficulty. One mistake and it’s likely game over. To stay alive you must scavenge for supplies, construct barricades and craft the tools you need to stay alive.

There is always the option of sitting tight in one place and making it as secure as possible as you are also able to grow your own food. Alternatively you can move from place to place while avoiding the thousand of zombies which roam the streets. When you start the game, you can choose from a selection of different appearances and careers for your character before choosing some traits. You can level up different skills and gain certain traits which can help or hinder your survival.

The game also currently has three different game-modes, survival, sandbox and Last Stand. Sandbox will enable you to change a variety of different options for your game including the types of zombies, how long before water and electricity get turned off and how long it takes to turn once infected, with loads more available.





Nether is a fast-paced survival MMO created by Phosphor Games. Set in a post apocalyptic Chicago which has been ravaged by disasters and which has been at the mercy of nature. Most buildings can be explored, including high-rise buildings as you try to survive against mutated creatures known as Nethers as well as other players who may or may not be friendly. These Nethers are mutated human beings, with several variations on offer for you to battle. When spawning into the world, you are dropped into a random location with only a kitchen knife to defend yourself with. From here it is your job to survive and scavenge for supplies.

A key-feature of Nether is the addition of Tribes which allow you to join a tribe along with other players where you can fight for control of territory within Chicago. Nether also features safe settlements where you can buy in-game items from the marketplace as well trade Nether parts you have collected for items of more use to you. You also have access to your own global inventory allowing you to stash and store some of your items. However these safe settlements are at the mercy of the Nether who attack periodically when the anti-nether devices are down. Work together with other players to push them back and repair these devices. Alternatively you can play the villain and take advantage of the chaos and attempt to kill the other players. Hunger and stamina is also included!


H1Z1 is the latest zombie survival game set to hit the market and will be free-to-play when it fully releases. Announced back in April, H1Z1 is due to hit Steam’s Early Access later this year. Developed by Sony Online Entertainment, H1Z1 is probably the first survival MMO to be created by one of the big game developers, which has increased player expectations. Console gamers however have been somewhat neglected when it comes to survival MMO’s, so PS4 owners will be pleased to know that the game will also be making its way to that platform.

The game will be set in a huge persistent world which will be able to accommodate thousands of players at once. SOE have revealed that their intentions however are for H1Z1 to be focused more on the players surviving against zombies rather than other players themselves being the biggest threat, although PvP will still be central to the game. One way they aim to do this is by encouraging team-work with other players.

Players will be able to build their bases and even towns in the game-world, allowing them to truly make their own settlements as seen in The Walking Dead. Roaming hordes also feature alongside making those zombies dynamic where they can chase wildlife and migrate to where players are.




7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is an open-world sandbox, zombie survival, crafting game. Imagine a mix between DayZ and Minecraft and you have the basic idea of what 7 Days to Die is. The game is set in the year 2034 in Arizona, where nuclear attacks have decimated the Earth which have caused the remaining inhabitants to become infected, with an appetite for living flesh. Apart from you and your friends of course!

The game takes place in a fully destructible, voxel-based world as you try to scavenge for weapons, food and supplies. During the day, the zombies are calmer, allowing you to loot those crucial supplies and to fortify your building of choice, ready for the onslaught you can expect when the sun goes down, and the moon comes out.  Having received over $500k in funding on Kickstarter, 7 Days to Die proved to be very popular with backers and is now available to purchase on Steam’s Early Access, or via their website at

You can check out our Alpha Review of 7 Days to Die where we discuss more in-depth some of the features on offer.