Time Eras That Need An Assassins Creed Game

It may be a secret to many that the Assassin’s Creed franchise has grown on me, no it actually has grown on me. I’ve actually grown to like it, even despite the bad experience I had with the first Assassin’s Creed game, and the subpar experience with Assassin’s Creed III. 

I had Assassin’s Creed II still available to download for free since this past summer and never had a chance to play it, let alone download it. After so, I instantly noticed differences from the 2nd and 1st games, and thought AC II was better than the original, though 3 does stand par with the other sequels. So after buying Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag recently, in which it takes place during the era of pirating, I thought of what other time eras could use an Assassins Creed game.

 World War II 

By far, WW II is my favorite era in history, mainly because many video games have been scripted around WW II, but also because of how the U.S. became involved, therefore changing the landscape of the country forever.

Now whether or not the Kenway family would continue is unknown because the Kenway family tree (at least as far as I know) goes as forward as The American Revolution, the setting of Assassin’s Creed III. With Desmond’s death at the end of AC 3, it has more potential for Abstergo to explore anyone’s memories and family trees, even Desmond’s father, and could find someone with family ties to World War II and use it as their new project.

If this became a game, there’d be more focus on gun usage, but could still use the hidden blades and other melee weapons of the time era and could blend in nicely, all in a story tying into the downfall of the Nazi regime. With there being some famous faces in AC 3, if there were a World War II AC game, Ubisoft could include influential people like FDR, Churchill, and Stalin, and some of the other influential leaders, even on the Axis Powers. While boat gameplay is a key in the last two titles, this could be improved by the player having to upgrade a submarine and engage in sub battles (just an idea).

 Civil War 

It’s argued that Connor never got a solid conclusion in Assassin’s Creed 3, while Desmond bit the dust. Abstergo could possibly keep exploring Desmond’s timeline and take on the project of Connor Kenway, even if Connor would be old as hell. Let’s predict that Connor somewhere along the line had a child, let’s say in the late 1820s, and passes on the heritage of being an Assassin and continuing to hunt down the Templars, and they come hunt down Connor and kill him, all under the guise of being Confederate generals/soldiers.

While the gameplay would be a copy and paste of AC 3, I don’t think it’d be a bad thing. Ubisoft could explore some of the most historic battles of the Civil War, and even incorporate influential figures like Abraham Lincoln, who was at the height of his presidency when he freed the slaves in 1863.

While I only listed two, I appreciate any feedback on what you think or any other time eras that could benefit from an AC game, now that Abstergo can explore anyone’s memories, as stated in AC IV.