The Top 6 RPGs To Play!

Now as I’ve said in my mini bio I’m a massive RPG fan. Final Fantasy VII was the first RPG that I played, the first RPG that swallowed me into its amazing world and story. Ever since FFVII I’ve played a variety of RPG’s, below is my list of the top 6 all RPG lovers should play!


Final Fantasy VII


FFVII was developed by the famous SQUARE (Now SQUARE-ENIX) in 1997 for the Playstation. This was their first venture away from NINTENDO and boy what a success! The game has sold over 10 million copies to date.

The story starts you as Cloud (Default name) as you are hired to assist with destruction of Mako Reactors, Mako is the life’s energy & reactors drain the Mako and convert to power). You are a mecernary so assisting with AVLANCHES ‘save the world’ scheme is nothing but a pay packet to you. But, as always there’s a twist, a member of AVALANCHE is your childhood sweetheart, so you stick around.

Now this is just a introduction to the set up in FFVII, the story expands and twists in ways you wouldn’t imagine and even after the game you are left thinking.

You fight with physical attacks (each character has a unique weapon), materia which you equip (Materia is magic that you can develop with AP collected in battles) and summons (Materia which summons a creature to attack for you). And finally is the Limit Break, these are unique to each character. A Limit Break is when you’ve taken a set amount of damage and you can choose to unleash a cool move that deals increased damage to the enemy (Some are pretty cool).

Like I’ve said before this is my favourite game of all time! Good for newcomers and RPG lovers.


Kingdom Hearts


Where to begin….what an amazing game! A collaboration between DISNEY & SQUARE-ENIX, a mixture of Final Fantasy and Mickey Mouse. This game was developed for the PlayStation 2 in 2002. This is a fun game with real time action rather than the usual Final Fantasy turn-based. Surprisingly the mixture works exceptionally well, the FF characters felt like they belong alongside the Disney characters.

You are Sora (Cannot change the name) and you start of in a dream world where you get into then swing of things, you battle a few Heartless (main bad guys) and open chests and such, but the most important part is that you get to choose what attributes are key to your character. First you pick between a Sword (Strength), a Shield (Defence) and a Wizards Staff (Magic). After you’ve picked your main attribute you then have to pick another to give up - meaning this will be your weakest attribute. Then the fun begins, you do battle with a gigantic Heartless (Relatively easy - don’t worry), towards the end of the battle you are sucked into a black portal and you awaken on the beach. This is where you are introduced to your friends (important to the story) Rikku & Kairi. You then carry out a series of tasks with the aim of getting off the island (Destiny Island). You also get the chance to (Slowly) level up by fighting Tidus (FFX), Selephie (FFVIII) & Wakka (FFX). As you complete the tasks you sense something is amiss. I would love to go on but I shan’t.

The battles are real time, which is a little more exciting than the usual turn base FF fans are used to. You get to choose between your physical attack (With the Keyblade - play it to find out!), magic (Fire, Blizzard, etc) and summons (Creatures from DISNEY films that appear and assist you for a limited time). You have a team of three; mainly Sora, Donald & Goofy. You a can only control Sora in battle but can customise Donald & Goofy so they are either magic mad, conservative (Heal loads) or favour the physical approach.

A very, very enjoyable game for all ages. Anyone could pick this up and enjoy it.


Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core


Crisis Core is a prequel to FFVII released in 2008, it explains a lot of what happened prior to FFVII and unravels a few left over questions from the original game. What an emotional game! Its the only game I have ever had tears in my eyes for, the ending is just incredible, in fact the whole story throughout the game is gripping. Another masterpiece created by SQUARE-ENIX but this time for the PSP.

You play as Zack Fair, a young lad who is working his way up the ranks in SHINRAS SOLDIER unit. You are mentored by your friend Angeal as you carry out missions assigned. As you progress through the game you are assigned a mission of finding the MIA SOLDIER Genesis, a very good friend of the infamous Sephiroth. This mission pushes Zack to his extreme, physically and emotionally. Along the way you meet and befriend a basic soldier by the unusual name of Cloud (Oddly familiar I know…).

The battle system used in Crisis Core is unique set up, it is similar to Kingdom Hearts as in it is Real Time, but with added throwbacks to FFVII, such as Materia. You equip the materia as you see fit: support (HP+/MP+), magic (Fire/Ice/Lightning) and special moves ( Death Blow/Steal/etc). You have your trusty sword and lightning quick reflexes to help out. A new introduction is the reel system, these are your summons, at random the battle is paused and a large reel appears with unlocked summons, if you get all the same summon picture in a row you get to (Involuntarily) summon a creature to attack for you.

Crisis Core is mainly for FFVII fans as a lot of the set up and story are linked to FFVII and would be a little difficult to get into and get the references and appearances by characters. I highly, highly recommended for fans of FFVII.




Now Grandia is a little old school for some of the younger gamers but still one of the classics. It was released for PlayStation in 2000. It’s a turn based RPG with the characters in 2D graphics but has an Hell of a lot of customizable options. It is a 2 disk game.

You play as Justin, a young boy who is followed around by his best friend Sue with whom you try and find adventures. Justin dreams of crossing the ocean onto the new continent and becoming a fully fledged adventurer, just like his father. It starts off as a simple aim but quickly expands with each character you meet and each new town or runes.

The game is in 3D but the characters are in 2D, but believe me it works! The battles are set in an arena of sorts and your characters can move around (not freely). You start the battle in random locations and await your turn to command, you can choose between melee attacks, magic attacks, special moves (Unique to each character), items or to maneuver your character to a new location in the battle field - this is essential for when you could do with moving a character out of the way of an enemies range. Its a pretty cool and fun battle system.

Grandia is like I’ve said before old school with a cool and unique battle system and a fairly catching story. A game for RPG fans that fancy a break from the norm.


Super Paper Mario


This is unheard off…Mario…in an RPG! What crazy alternate universe have we awoken in?! Believe it or not, this 2007 release for the Nintendo Wii works, surprisingly well.

The game opens with Luigi, Bowser, and Princess Peach being kidnapped by Count Bleck (Antagonist) who possesses a prophetic tome called the “Dark Prognosticus.” Count Bleck arranges a wedding between Peach and Bowser and, utilizing the hypnotic powers of his ally Nastasia, forces the two to marry. As foretold in the Dark Prognosticus, their marriage summons the Chaos Heart, which Count Bleck uses to open a black hole known as “The Void” which will eventually grow large enough to engulf the entire universe. Mario is found and greeted by Tippi, a butterfly-like Pixl, who transports him to the inter-dimensional town of Flipside and with the scene set, the fun begins!

Super Paper Mario uses a real time battle system with Mario’s famous jump attack used as the main move, this deals a figure damage rather than an instant kill. You also get special moves called ‘pixls’ which you find through the various worlds. One is a Hammer which deals increased damage to enemies and can flip heavy switches, another example is a Pixl which shrinks you enabling you to get into new areas. You level up through a points system, you get points by defeating enemies or using items. The higher the level the more damage you can take or give out.

Any fan of Mario should give this game a go, or any lover of RPG’s. Its fun!


Xenoblade Chronicles


XC, to me, was a little difficult to get into at first. The battles were different to what I was used to and the story a bit hard to grasp. But it is definitely worth the confused moments, in and out of battle.

The protagonist is an 18-year-old lad called Shulk, who lives in Colony 9 located on the right leg of the Bionis - at the start of time there was nothing but an endless ocean until the Bionis and the Mechonis, two gigantic creatures, appeared and started fighting until with one fatal strike nothing remained but their lifeless bodies. Upon the bodies formed colonies who detest each other, the Bionis civilizations and the Mechon. When the colony is attacked by the Mechon, he obtains the legendary energy blade called the Monado, thought to be the sword of the Bionis eons ago, and leaves to initially stop the Mechon threat.

The battle system is real time but with added turn based systems involved, for example you use moves but you have to wait for it to charge before you can use it again. You can move freely around the battlefield. You control Shulk who uses the Monodo blade in battle. You equip moves that you unlock as you level up. Your party consists of 3 people (Your choice) but you only control Shulk. The unique thing about XC is that you can bump into vastly higher leveled bad guys anywhere. I remember finding this out, I was exploring an open field and all of a sudden the battle music kicked and I was getting chased by a level 64 enormous monster that killed me in one hit….awesome.

Definitely a game to try for RPG fans. Persist with it at first and you will be rewarded.


This is my list of my favourite RPG games, possibly the best as well! I recommend any RPG lovers or anyone who is looking at getting into RPG’s.