The Pipe Bomb #10: The Gamer Stereotype Codification

If you’re a serious gamer like myself, you’ve heard all the typical stereotypes; we’re lazy, fat, uneducated and unmotivated to live in the real world to the point where we think of video game worlds as the real world, and we live in our parents’ basements eating bags of Cheetos. While you think that might be 100% accurate, then you really don’t know an actual gamer, and if you think you do, your skewed vision of us is about to get extremely altered.

Long before now, gamers have existed on previous platforms like the NES, Super Nintendo, Atari, and PlayStation. At one point or another, one game on any console helped define us as a gamer; for me, it was GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64. It defined the FPS genre as well as multiplayer. Adding multiplayer was a last-minute decision made by the developers that paid off in spades, as it launched the gravy train for multiplayer, which evolved into online multiplayer.

Shifting gears, I have to answer the question: why gamers are classified in such derogatory labels, which most are entirely untrue? Before I digest the bitter pill, I have to add another common misconception; it’s that gamers are violent social misfits, and that video games cause that.

Most of what people say about us is hyperbole because most gamers are stable members of society with hard-working jobs, a stable education, and a functioning social life. The true answer to this question lies in the vocal minority that tries to ruin gaming for the rest of us. The vocal minority of gamers are the ones who are sexist against women, especially female gamers, violent, and social misfits that live in the basement like trolls and attempt to online troll to get reactions from people because of their insecurity.

I certainly can say I’m a part of the silent majority just following along and being a true gamer because I have common sense, unlike the silent majority, most likely pissing the rest of us off and being attention whores.

Soccer moms and politicians alike partnered with news media and lots of money attack us like vultures because of said majority and try to ruin gaming for the rest of us. Thus stories of people murdering over video games and dying because of gaming too long arise because of some gamers who don’t know the line between fantasy and reality and take gaming way over the line to the point where they’re arming the news media and others with ammunition for their agendas.

As I’ve said before, while some stereotypes are true for some, not all stereotypes of gamers are true for everyone. But to answer another question: why do people always take the words of the vocal majority and believe that to be true for the entire community? The simple answer would be that they’re just that, vocal, and when a vocal minority speaks, they do it in a way that attracts negative attention which attracts the news media like moths to a flame, which is always a bad sign for the gaming community.

To the vocal minority who wants to ruin gaming for the rest of us and give the ammunition needed for news media to black label us as misfits, virgins, or whatever stereotype you decide to place on the majority of gamers just because of a vocal minority who really make up these stereotypes, screw you. For the silent majority, keep gaming the fuck on.