The Last of Us 2?

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead

The Last of Us is a flawless and amazing PS3 exclusive that is a must buy. If there was a thing that people didn’t quite like, it would be the ending. Not because it’s bad or rushed but because it was very abrupt. I felt like I was cut off and stranded. I wanted to see how Joel and Ellie’s relationship grew after they returned to Tom’s dam. Many players were so upset they argued that it did not deserve a 10. I was one of them, at least for a second, until I thought about the future of this franchise.

To me the ending spells out sequel, real loud and clear. Instead of a 5 minute cut seen summarizing the ending, they want a whole game to explain what happens. This may take 1 to 2, maybe even 3 years, but with Naughty Dog as the developer I’m sure they aren’t going to disappoint. It will be worth the wait. The idea of being able to play a whole game where you see what the ramifications of not going through with the surgery were amazes me. In the end the most exciting thing would be to see how Ellie turns out.

When you really think about it, it’s an amazing marketing technique. You have something that gamers were so upset about that they wanted to reassign a rating for a flawless game. You pretty much have them by the balls. You have already started the anticipation and hype for your next game and your first hasn’t even been out for a month! And for all of you that think “well, here comes another cash cow”, you obvious don’t know Naughty Dog. They are a dying breed, a developer that cares as much about money as they care about their product. Having played the Uncharted series, I know this will be worth the wait. Naughty Dog, I applaud you, and I eagerly await The Last of Us 2!

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