The Last of Us 2?

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead

The Last of Us is a flawless and amazing PS3 exclusive that is a must buy. If there was a thing that people didn’t quite like, it would be the ending. Not because it’s bad or rushed but because it was very abrupt. I felt like I was cut off and stranded. I wanted to see how Joel and Ellie’s relationship grew after they returned to Tom’s dam. Many players were so upset they argued that it did not deserve a 10. I was one of them, at least for a second, until I thought about the future of this franchise.

To me the ending spells out sequel, real loud and clear. Instead of a 5 minute cut seen summarizing the ending, they want a whole game to explain what happens. This may take 1 to 2, maybe even 3 years, but with Naughty Dog as the developer I’m sure they aren’t going to disappoint. It will be worth the wait. The idea of being able to play a whole game where you see what the ramifications of not going through with the surgery were amazes me. In the end the most exciting thing would be to see how Ellie turns out.

When you really think about it, it’s an amazing marketing technique. You have something that gamers were so upset about that they wanted to reassign a rating for a flawless game. You pretty much have them by the balls. You have already started the anticipation and hype for your next game and your first hasn’t even been out for a month! And for all of you that think “well, here comes another cash cow”, you obvious don’t know Naughty Dog. They are a dying breed, a developer that cares as much about money as they care about their product. Having played the Uncharted series, I know this will be worth the wait. Naughty Dog, I applaud you, and I eagerly await The Last of Us 2!

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  • Navs

    Your opening is a bit misleading… it sounds like you are saying the ending of the game was a consistent complaint among gamers. Of the roughly 30 people I know that played the game, all of them loved the ending. Along with almost every review out there. I’d say the people that disliked the ending are in the vast minority among gamers

  • Sarosh Zuberi

    I didn’t say that the ending was a consistent complaint. I said it was a flawless and amazing game BUT if there was something gamers had to choose they didn’t like, it would be the ending. Which means it was a great ending but could have had a little something more added.

    Also, a lot of the “majority” are going to be bandwagoners. People who simply comply with whatever seems to be the “right” thing to say or do. For example, I don’t believe that GTA 4 deserves a 10, and whenever I say that in a conversation I get a lot of heat for it. It’s mainly because GTA is a big name and many sites gave it a 10/10 and they feel obligated to agree. I’m not saying that for you or your friends. Everyone has their opinion.

    I just thought that it needed a little more. I wanted a ending like in RDR. Where you see how life has progressed after the climax. I wanted peace of mind knowing what happens to allie. Do the fireflies come after her or do they live happily forever? The way i felt knowing Jack turned out to be a decent person and not a outlaw. Based on the uncertainty, I went out on a limb and said maybe thats because they want to make a sequel.

  • Navs

    Got it, that makes sense. I can see why you’d have that opinion. I thought it was the best ending to a game I’ve ever played (of course RDR is way up there as well), but to each his own.

  • jb227

    I agree, i don’t know anyone who was unsatisfied with the ending personally, although i have seen that complaint online in a few places here and there (although i don’t know anything about gamers trying to reassign a rating), which is the kind of ridiculous behavior that kills me…one minute gamers are complaining about every game having to have a final boss battle, the next they are complaining that there wasn’t one….to me the story is perfect as is, we don’t need a sequel (although i would love to explore the world more thoroughly in the future) and even if we do get a sequel, they might utilize different leads….ultimately anyone upset with the ending obviously don’t understand the complexities of it, or are the type of gamer that can never be satisfied, to each their own, as long as it doesn’t keep those who appreciate the work done to craft a true story in the confines of a medium that sees them few & far between, opinions are just that…..the indisputable fact is that this is a masterpiece created by one of the finest development houses in gaming, bar none

  • Sarosh Zuberi

    Once again, i never said i was unsatisfied. I said it was a flawless and amazing game BUT if there was something gamers HAD to choose they didn’t like, it would be the ending. Which means it was a great ending but could have had a little something more added. I have seen many commentaries and podcasts discussing this. A few folks at Naughty Dog even wanted a dual ending, where the player got to choose but Naughty Dog stuck to what they wanted, which i really appreciated. I admire the fact that they didn’t ride the bandwagon to make the casual gamer happy.

    As for the possibility for a sequel, you must be insane to think they won’t put out another one. This game is being acclaimed as one the BEST games on PS3, heck this gen. There is no doubt in my mind that there will be another.

    Also, there is a article posted by where a journalist stated her opinion on why the score should be changed. I don’t necessarily support her though as she made some ignorant points to support her claim.

    I am not a “gamer that can never be satisfied” and i do have the intellectual capacity to comprehend the the complexities. I had to address these two things as i didn’t know if you were speaking in general or specifically to me. In this article i used the uncertainty of the ending (meaning we don’t know what happens to Allie) to say that maybe they did that because they want to produce a sequel. Thats all.

  • Deputy

    The only bad thing about the last of us is… ended

  • Austin

    Why did Joel attack the Fireflies and take Ellie away from the operating room, They would have found a cure !!!!