The Last Guardian listed on the Sony Entertainment Network

As if things were not confusing enough with Team Ico’s much-hyped sequel to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, Sony Entertainment Network has now listed The Last Guardian onto their website.

Previously, the game had been put on hold after the creator, Fumito Ueda, left Sony, leaving the development of the game in limbo with nothing more than a dated, yet extraordinarily impressive and epic trailer from over three years ago. Originally, it was thought that the game was to launch sometime during the PS3′s lifespan, though with the launch of the PS4 and PS Vita, it is hard to say where the game is going, though this might be a good sign that it has not yet been cancelled, and is perhaps being heavily worked on.

If anything, The Last Guardian shows an abundance of promise, combining the amazing creature designs from the PS2 hit, Shadow of the Colossus, with the childish and touching charm of Ico into a story about a boy and a hulking gryphon-like being, and as the title suggests, one of them is the guardian of the other. Fans of the previous games in the Ico series, or perhaps newcomers who are intrigued by what little information is available on the game should most definitely keep their eyes on this one, for it still shows hope of seeing the light of day after all.

Source: *Neoseeker