Teething problems with the latest generation of games consoles

Teething problems with the latest generation of games consoles

Its been shy of a month since the release of the latest generation of games consoles (Excluding WiiU) and I am unfortunately one of the few who are too poor for the next delicious generation of games consoles. I do normally shy away from reading what I’m missing from the public’s eye, but I have however found some problems which have unfortunately found the lime light.

24 hours after the PS4 was released, Amazon received overwhelming reviews from people claiming that their console displayed the “Blue light of death” (BLOD). It was also reviewed across the board that the blue light of death was becoming something of an issue, which sort of stops to make me wonder – “Is this all being blown out of proportion”?

The problems don’t just lie with PS4. Xbox One buyers have been complaining across the board that their consoles have been chewing up their games discs and ruining them, which sort of begs the question, is it foolish to buy a new generation of games consoles when they’re released? Or just a minor glitch in the dispatch?

Have you experienced any issues with your purchases? Please comment and share below.

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