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A quick note about Video Games as Art

by Michael Fitzgeraldon November 18, 2015
They are. I could leave it at that really but I think Jesse would find it hard to justify posting so minuscule an “article” to the site, so I think I’ll elaborate a bit more. I’ll be honest and say that I’m officially sick of having to argue whether games are art. Most of the people […]

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Blizzard Is Hiring – Could YOU Be Creating The Next Hearthstone?

by Alex Hemanson August 11, 2014
Blizzard have recently let out a call to arms, announcing that they have jobs available in multiple departments of their studios spread across the globe. Whether you’re a Graphic Designer, Writer, Software Engineer or Producer, Blizzard are looking for individuals who have the skills and interest to create new products, as well as to help […]


Gamers– The Fickle Bunch

by David Restrepoon July 29, 2014
Gaming has long since been one of the greatest forms of socialization, though curiously with the introduction of better technology, games are evolving while gamers themselves are de-evolving. The further along video games progress, the further consumers seem to completely revert to a more primitive state. Very few cultures are as spiteful, serious, or hard […]

Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition – How To Kill A Series

by Idris Aylwinon July 21, 2014
I was first introduced to BioWare in 2009 with the release of Dragon Age: Origins. I’d heard of Neverwinter Nights and Baldur’s Gate before, but my childhood was spent hunched over a computer in my family’s kitchen playing hour after hour of Age of Empires, so I’d never been able to experience BioWare’s games before. Initially […]

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The Pipe Bomb #11: The Crossover Quarrel

by Jose Gonzalezon April 25, 2014
It’s no stranger to us that movies being made into video games and vice versa is a common trend of making money. I mean, look at GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64, it was first a successful box office hit and two years later became the benchmark for FPS and multiplayer-based games. The latter is known as video […]

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The Pipe Bomb #9: The Sarkeesian Revolution

by Jose Gonzalezon April 11, 2014
“Get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich bitch.” -Average male chauvinistic online gamer If you’re like this, I’ve got some bad news. While females in games and the game industry are a rare gem to find, the gems end up turning around and want nothing to do with video games again. Now why […]


Last-Gen Report Cards: Activision

by Zachary Walleron March 28, 2014
The scoring will be done using the same system JumpToGamer uses to rate games: 1-10  in .5 intervals. We will start each new company’s report card by listing some of their most notable games and then proceed to grade on the average quality of their games, grade on the number of worth while games they […]


The Pipe Bomb #6: The Video Game Violence Theory

by Jose Gonzalezon March 21, 2014
Tomb Raider, Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat, and Gears of War; What do all of these games have in common? They all perpetuate the loose theory that video games can cause real world violence. Most of this rubbish theory has been conjured up by right-wing hypocritical conservatives who wouldn’t know a fataility combo move if it were tattooed […]