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SoD 3

State of Decay DLC “Breakdown” expected later this month

by StephenJacksonon October 8, 2013
Undead Labs have revealed their first State of Decay DLC, Breakdown, should be available by the end of October. Breakdown has been delivered to Microsoft for pre-certification testing, so providing they run into no addition problems, the DLC will be on track to release later this month. Undead Labs hope to formally enter Certification by […]

feature - 10 indie games to get exctied about

Top 10 Indie games to get excited about in 2013!

by Ethan Gordonon August 19, 2013
When searching online about new games coming out its easy to get tangled up in the main stream games and forget about the gems that are indie games. The reason I love indie games is the fact they are often thought through a lot more than the mainstream games and the other thing about them […]


REUS Review: Become one with Nature!

by Ethan Gordonon August 16, 2013
In Reus, you control powerful giants that help you shape the planet to your will. You can create mountains, oceans, forests and more. You can sprinkle your planet with plants, minerals and animal life. There is only one thing on the planet that you do not control and that is mankind along with all their […]


Where has Saints Row Gone Wrong?

by StephenJacksonon July 19, 2013
Saints Row has been one of my favourite open-world adventure games of this generation. Before SR, we only had Grand Theft Auto to look to, but when the first Saints Row launched in 2006, I fell in love with it. It offered something completely new for the Xbox 360, activities, customizations, cribs and a great […]


A review of the wonderfully different, Little Inferno

by Ethan Gordonon July 10, 2013
Little Inferno is an indie title created by Tomorrow Corporation (creators of World of Goo) released in 2012. It first appeared on our shelves as a downloadable title for the WiiU and Windows, it then went on to release a version for OS X via Steam and the developer’s website. A Linux version has been released on the developer’s website, a Steam release […]


Create your own Space Program with the Kerbal Space Program!

by StephenJacksonon June 30, 2013
Ever wanted to create your own space program and discover the outer reaches of the universe? Thankfully, Kerbal Space Program gives players the opportunity to do just that. It doesn’t just send players into space though, it launches them in style! The objective is to build your space program from very humble beginnings into one […]

Folk Tale 2

Folk Tale – A Fantasy City Builder!

by StephenJacksonon June 30, 2013
“My Liege, My Liege, oh great Tyrannical One”. “You got that right!” “May I ask if thee wishes to play Folk Tale?”. “Folk Tale? Explain yourself Peasant!” Folk Tale is a hugely ambitious and fun sandbox fantasy city builder developed by Games Foundry. The objective of the game is to  lead a band of peasants […]