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Batman Arkham Origins – First Thoughts

by Ben Penneyon October 6, 2013
As a lot of you may know EuroGamer has just passed and there was a bunch of good games there, many were a great joy to play, but the one game I was particularly interested in playing was Batman Arkham Origins, the third game in the Batman Arkham franchise. This game is set several years […]


Rise of the Licensed Game: Don’t Be Afraid of Them Anymore

by Zachary Walleron August 21, 2013
Oooh licensed video games. I don’t think a more sure-fire way to scare off a gamer exists. Anyone over the age of twelve has probably caught on to the fact that, in general, licensed games (games based on some other non-video game intellectual property like a movie, comic or TV show) are less than stellar. Obviously […]


Batman Arkham Origins – What we know and what to expect

by Ben Penneyon August 16, 2013
As you all may know, on the 25th October, the new installment to the Batman Arkham franchise “Batman Arkham Origins” is being released, and frankly, I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a game release, and I will definitely be covering it at this years Euro gamer expo, but until then I’m just […]