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7 Days to Die Alpha Review – Thoughts So Far…

by StephenJacksonon August 22, 2013
When I stumbled across 7 Days to Die in early June, just like JumpToGamer, not many people had heard of it. I saw something in it however and pre-ordered for the bargain price of $14.99 (This was before the Kickstarter even started). But since then, 7 Days to Die has become one of the hottest […]

Survivor FPS

Survivor FPS – A New Zombie Survival Game!

by StephenJacksonon June 22, 2013
Important Notice: Development on Survivor FPS stopped earlier this year. The game is no longer being developed and is no longer available for purchase or download.   *Original Article: Anyone familiar with DayZ will be familiar with the concept, an open-world game which has been plagued by zombies as you struggle to survive against the […]

7 Days to Die 2

7 Days to Die – A Survival Zombie Crafting Game!

by StephenJacksonon June 3, 2013
With all these great zombie games rising from the ground like there is no tomorrow, and some of them unfortunately ending up back in the ground, we take a look at 7 Days to Die… Last week, I stumbled across this game while doing a search for some updates on DayZ. At first I thought […]