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Reign of kings 2

Top 10 Survival Games 2015

by StephenJacksonon April 9, 2015
2015 has seen a whole host of new survival games enter the PC market as they all fight for your hard-earned cash in a bid to stay alive. The question is, what games do you go for? With a variety of different settings and themes to sink your teeth into, here are 10 Survival games […]

H1Z1 Alpha Review

H1Z1 Alpha Review - Is it worth buying into?

by StephenJacksonon February 22, 2015
H1Z1 is the latest zombie survival game to hit PC gamers, having launched on Steam’s Early Access back in January 2015, but is it worth your time at this alpha stage, and importantly, your money? Developed by Sony Online Entertainment, although now going by the name of Daybreak Game Company (that’s a story for another […]


Top 10 Zombie Games 2015

by StephenJacksonon February 16, 2015
Zombies were everywhere in 2014. And now they are set to overrun the survival market once again with a whole host of zombie games to play and look forward to in 2015 and so a new year brings with it new zombie games. With them being just as popular as in previous years, hopefully the zombie […]


Top 10 Survival Games 2014

by StephenJacksonon June 13, 2014
The last few years has seen the survival genre go through a massive surge in popularity, with no sign of letting up just yet. Whether uit is trying to stay alive on a remote island filled with cannibals or fighting for your survival against both zombies and players, or why not even try to survive […]


H1Z1 - SOE’s new zombie survival MMO revealed

by StephenJacksonon April 12, 2014
If you are a fan of the survival genre as I myself am, then you’ve probably already heard the news that Sony Online Entertainment are currently developing their own title to rival the likes of DayZ and Rust. If you haven’t heard the news, you have now. SOE President John Smedley revealed that H1Z1 will […]