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2014 and Beyond: Return of the RPG

by Zachary Walleron February 6, 2014
Everybody remembers their first RPG. The first time they lost themselves in an incredible fantasy or science fiction world. The first time they feel in love in a whimsical cast of characters. The hours they sunk into learning every possible game mechanic and mastering every class. When they first fell in love with the genre… […]


Final Fantasy XIV First Major Patch Up And Running

by Corey McDanielon December 20, 2013
The first major update to the Square Enix re-release of their second MMO, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, was available to players on December 17, 2013. Square Enix seems to have been hard at work trying to ensure that this second shot at success is a good one, gaining over 1 million subscribers in […]


Thief May Be In Serious Trouble

by Stephanie Watelon September 28, 2013
The enamoring steampunk vision that the new Thief game had been giving us may actually be fading away. Growing evidence of creative conflict at Eidos Montreal is showing that the original concept of the game has been undergoing numerous changes, to the point that Thief is a shadow of what it once was. There’s apparently […]


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Review

by Sam Blackon September 5, 2013
Well folks FFXIV has been released and I purchased my copy on the release date! First thing, 0900 when GAME opened! I’ve been waiting, biding my time for this, the latest SQUARE-ENIX release.  As if that wasn’t enough waiting, the installation and signing up for a SQUARE ENIX account was a b*ll ache. But finally […]

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Re-Release of Final Fantasy XIV Today With News On Updates

by Stephanie Watelon August 27, 2013
The latest MMO title from Square Enix is making its big comeback today. For such an occasion, the game has adopted the name Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and promises a significantly improved playing experience. For those unaware, the first, “early access” version of FFXIV released last year with an inevitable slew of issues […]

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Audio Sneak Peek of New Epilogue in FFX/X-2 HD

by Stephanie Watelon August 13, 2013
In light of the upcoming release of the FFX/X-2 HD collection coming this Fall to the Playstation 3 and Vita, Square Enix has recently been hinting at new material that will be included somewhere within either game. In the latest issue of the Japan-based pop culture magazine Shounen Jump, Enix seemed to confirm that a new […]