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Bravely Default Review

by Ravenon February 14, 2014
A well told story, a cast of lovable but well developed characters, an addictive but challenging battle system, and a killer soundtrack. These are the usual ingredients of a memorable and well received game and it’s safe to say that Bravely Default joins that category of games. RPG fans have been gifted with many wonderful […]


2014 and Beyond: Return of the RPG

by Zachary Walleron February 6, 2014
Everybody remembers their first RPG. The first time they lost themselves in an incredible fantasy or science fiction world. The first time they feel in love in a whimsical cast of characters. The hours they sunk into learning every possible game mechanic and mastering every class. When they first fell in love with the genre… […]


Bravely Second Teaser Site Launched

by Ravenon December 9, 2013
Square Enix has launched a teaser site for the upcoming sequel to Bravely Default Flying Fairy: Bravely Second. The game was announced earlier this week in Jump and will take place several years after the first, a new character known as Magnolia was also revealed. The price and release date have not been set as […]