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PS Vita Price to fall across US, Europe, and Australia.

by Ethan Gordonon August 22, 2013
You may know in Febuary Japan dropped the PS Vita prices and now yesterday at Gamescom, Sony announced a drop in the PS Vita’s price for the EU, US and Australia. The Vita will drop to €199/£170 and will be effective as from today. Sony hopes dropping the price will increase the consoles appeal and will […]


Rise of the Licensed Game: Don’t Be Afraid of Them Anymore

by Zachary Walleron August 21, 2013
Oooh licensed video games. I don’t think a more sure-fire way to scare off a gamer exists. Anyone over the age of twelve has probably caught on to the fact that, in general, licensed games (games based on some other non-video game intellectual property like a movie, comic or TV show) are less than stellar. Obviously […]