Tactical Shooter Insurgency launches today on Steam

New World Interactive officially launches Insurgency, a tactical first-person shooter originally based on a popular Counter-Strike mod, today on Steam for PC and Mac.

During the current Steam Winter Sale you can buy the game at $9.99 USD, a 50% off discount. After January 2, 2014 however, the game will cost you $19.99 USD.

New World Interactive’s improvement over the mod include:

  • New Map: Peak
  • New Weapon: AT-4
  • Updated Maps: Siege, District, Ministry and Heights
  • Ability to “focus” for a short amount of time by aiming down the sites and holding the sprint key (shift)
  • New radio cues for “Objective Lost” and “Objective Captured”
  • New music cues for winning, losing and round-start
  • Updated aiming reticles for Sniper, 4x, Eotech and Kobra sights.
  • Re-implemented shell injection

The game is built on Valve’s Source Engine and supports up to 32 players in multiplayer. A Linux version of the game will be available soon.

To learn more about the game or buy it, visit it’s official Steam page.

Source: MP1ST