Survivor FPS - A New Zombie Survival Game!

Survivor FPS is a zombie survival game currently being created by just one man. It is in Alpha, but you can buy an Early Access Edition for just £5.00. It is currently improving all the time, with new features being implemented on a regular basis.

Anyone familiar with DayZ or War Z will be familiar with the concept, an open-world game which has been plagued by zombies as you struggle to survive against the undead, the elements and of course other players. It is still very much a work in progress so there are of course features which are yet to be added, but that is why I love these kind of projects. Survivor FPS has potential.



Graphically, Survivor FPS took me by surprise. Sure it is no masterpiece, but for a game still in Alpha and made by one person, it is very impressive. There is a day and night cycle currently in the game as well as the addition of the flashlight to help you find your way through Killika island. Talking of the island, there is a nice variety of locations on offer. You will come across bases, docks, villages, cities and other areas of interest. It is a very nice sized map and laid out very well. You won’t spend ages wondering through forests hoping you will eventually come across a small village.

And unlike War Z, sorry Infestation: Survivor Stories, Survivor FPS has vehicles! They do need some improvements and tweaking, but the foundation is there and will no doubt play a major role in what the game will be. At present you are also able to host your own servers to play on. I haven’t messed around with this yet, but it is possible to play with friends from what I have heard.

However, not only was I impressed with the foundations which have been laid and the potential it has, but it’s the future of the game and the ambition which really gets me excited…


In a recent forum post, the developer, Mixxit, outlined the upcoming changes he wishes to implement into the game. As you would expect, the survival aspect of the game was the top priority, with food and drink, as well as sneaking, Blood loss and Infection being added to the game in the upcoming weeks. An inventory user-face and location persistence will also be worked on. This in turn would lead to easy inventory management and the ability to jump in and out of the game without starting in a new location.

As I stated above, vehicles do need work, but they will also attention with the physics being improved as well as a repair system being added. You can also expect to see a chopper added as well as some new vehicle and weapon models.

Once the above features are in the game, then I feel Survivor FPS will really begin to take shape and will attract more and more players. Mixxit wishes to add Base-building into the game at this point, allowing us survivors to create our own bases out in the world. If all goes to plan, we could also see a resource farming system to maintain your own settlements food supplies, build defensive turrets, maintain walls and research vaccines and medical supplies. How awesome would all of that be? Did I mention that he also wishes to include a map-editor to allow us total freedom to make our own maps to play on?

Anyone who is a huge fan of role-play, or just taking games seriously, will be pleased to hear what Mixxit had to say regarding that.  He states that “he would love to also implement more roleplay tools and built in area based voice chat to help foster good relations with roleplay communities who want to build their own servers - this is where supplying the map tools and going open source will be great for our project.”


If you are looking for a game which is like DayZ & Infestation: Survivor Stories, then at the moment this isn’t it. If however you want to get right behind a project which aims to deliver what you want to see in a zombie survival game, then I suggest getting right behind this project. Anyone playing the game at the moment will see there are bugs and issues, but remember this is alpha.

Mixxit deserves a lot of credit for starting from scratch and building Survivor FPS. It is some effort. What really comes through is how much his community means to him. He takes on board every bit of praise and criticism to help improve the game and take it to the next level. This project isn’t a gimmick either as it is ranked 132 out of 9923 games on IndieDB currently for popularity. That’s some achievement!

If you wish to  follow the project, you can head over to the official website of Survivor FPS here. I also suggest tracking the game on IndieDB.

If you wish to purcahse Survivor FPS,you can do so for just £5.00. You get access to the current build of the game as well as all future updates and the full release. I have seen so many projects get funded on sites such as Kickstarter, so if you love making games like this happen, I’m sure Survivor FPS would really appreciate your purchase!


Published by Stephen Jackson