SteamOS Announced by Valve

Valve have today announced the SteamOS, which will be a free operating system designed for use in the living room. It uses Linux architecture to help enhance PC gaming on your television. It will be a combination of the current Steam platform and Linux. Valve stated that SteamOS “combines the rock-solid architecture of Linux with a gaming experience built for the big screen.”

This new Operating System will allow you to home-stream Windows and Mac games straight to your TV, and will enable family sharing, allowing you to share your games with family and friends. There will also be Family Options which will give you control as to what titles get seen and by whom. Further down the line SteamOS will also incorporate Music, TV and Movie streaming options.

SteamOS will be available soon and will be a free download to all users. This new operating system follows the introduction of Steam’s Big Picture, with Valve taking the living room experience to a new level.

This announcement is the first of 3 announcements scheduled for this week by Valve. The next one will take place on Wednesday at 6pm BST. Rumours as to what the other two announcements could be from Valve include the announcement of the “Steambox”.