Steam Summer Sale Day 8

Here’s the Daily Deals from today’s Steam Summer Sale Day 8! What did I say about them putting some really great games up soon? Here they are. 


Pick of the Day - Far Cry 3 [40% Discount - $23.99USD, £11.99GBP, $20.96AUD]

Up there as one of my favourite games of 2012, Far Cry 3 is in my opinion the best game of the franchise so far. With a whole load of awesome weapons including silenced Snipers, Flamethrowers, RPG’s and Shotguns, an awesome jungle island to explore and several vehicles to do it in and a great story mode to go with it. A very open-world, do what you want kind of game, with many different ways to tackle each mission - this is some of the most fun you’ll have with any first person shooter out there. Oh and, be sure to watch out for the Tigers as well as the soldiers in this one. 


Torchlight 2 [75% Discount - $4.99USD, £3.74GBP, $4.99AUD]

Critically acclaimed action-rpg Torchlight 2 boasts a metacritic score of 88, as well as a multiplayer experience - unlike the original game. This game features randomly generated dungeons for the player to explore, giving each player a slightly unique experience when playing this game, alongside 4 different player classes to use. One of the best indie titles out there, hats off to Runic Games.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 [50% Discount - $19.99USD, £19.99GBP, $19.99AUD]

This is the stage where a lot of people started dropping off from the Call of Duty franchise, but I actually did enjoy this game. Now that we know that this could be the very last installment of the Modern Warfare series, it all of a sudden doesn’t seem quite so repetitive. It was a genuinely fun game to play with some great maps and balanced killstreaks, but even I had vowed off getting a further Modern Warfare title after playing all three of them.


SimCity 4 [70% Discount - $5.99USD, £2.99GBP, $5.99AUD]

For fans of the Sim City series who have sworn off against the latest installment in the series, then here’s the predecessor to that game. On release, this game gathered critical acclaim, scoring 84 on metacritic. This game is certainly more complex than the new Sim City and debatably more popular. However, i’m not sure that buying this game now for the first time, or revisiting it will garnish it in the same glory that it received on first release.


Magicka [75% Discount - $2.49USD, £1.99GBP, $2.49AUD]

An action adventure game based on norse mythology and developed by indie developers Arrowhead Game Studios that sold an incredibly impressive 1.3 million units in it’s first year of distributing. I’m going to absolutely recommend this game, purely on it’s self-referential humour and because apparently at one point, the player is awarded with a M60 machine gun. These guys are geniuses.


Euro Truck Simulator 2 [75% Discount - $9.99USD, £6.24GBP, $9.99AUD]

Man, what an action packed adventure this one is. Hold on to your trucker hats and prepare yourself for the most fun and excitement you will ever have with a video game. As a medical disclaimer I have to advise that this game is not suitable for anyone with a heart condition or anyone who is pregnant. Please do not consume alcohol whilst playing this game. For optimum performance, place a UV lamp facing your mouse arm for that authentic trucker tan.


The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing [50% Discount - $7.49USD, £5.99GBP, $7.49AUD]

To be fair to it, this game does actually look pretty great. However, it’s unfortunately been partnered up with some truly outstanding games today and is being very much overshadowed by the likes of Torchlight and XCOM. This action-rpg is certainly worth a look at though if you’re a fan of the genre. I’m sorry, Van Helsing. I truly am.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown  [75% Discount - $9.99USD, £7.49GBP, $17.49AUD]

I have to admit, I got a little bit excited when I saw that this game was up on today’s Daily Deals, and even more so when I realised that I could actually play it on my Mac. So sorry university lecturers, i’m going to be somewhat occupied in some of your lectures this year. This has to be up there as one of the best turn based strategy game out there for this genre, if not the very best. A reimagining of the 1994 classic UFO: Enemy Unknown, Fixaris did this well. I mean damn well. 


Garry’s Mod [75% Discount - $2.49USD, £1.49GBP, $2.49AUD]

An absolute must have to any Steam gamer’s library, and is the ultimate creative tool for fans of Valve games. This sandbox game has numerous other servers that have player made game modes such as “Trouble in Terrorist Town” and “Zombie Survival”. This is a whole lot of fun to screw around on with your friends, and at such a low price, can you really say no?


The War Z / Infestation: Survivor Stories [75% Discount - $3.74USD, £2.74GBP, $3.74AUD] 

Those sneaky sons of female dogs. For those of you who may not be aware, Infestation is simply a renamed version of the absolutely abysmal attempt at competition for DayZ, The War Z, that scored an incredible… 20 on metacritic. Let me just put this into perspective for you, Duke Nukem Forever scored 54 on metacritic. This game is twice as bad as that. Do not buy this game. You know what, i’m not even going to put a trailer in for this abomination. So here’s something a little more worth your while. (Shoutout to Inside Gaming from Machinima)


Please feel free to leave your recommendations and reviews on these games in the comments below! And remember that even if you miss out on these daily deals, the games could still return in the flash sales or community picks!

P.S. Prepare yourself Ladies and Gents, Skyrim is up tomorrow.