Steam Summer Sale: Day 3

Steam Summer Sale: Day 3 Daily Deals are still up for just a few more hours, so here’s the rundown of today’s Daily Deals. Today arguably pales in comparison to the great first two days, but there’s still some great games here to grab.


Pick of the Day - Tomb Raider [75% Discount - $12.49USD, £7.49GBP, $17.49AUD]

Lara Croft returns in a much grittier adventure than ever before in Tomb Raider. A far cry from the Tomb Raider we saw on the PS1, this game looks and feels much like Uncharted if Nathan Drake had been born a woman. Showing off some of the most gruesome death scenes since the Mortal Kombat series. Certainly a reboot of the franchise, this game takes place before Lara learns to be an absolute badass. Character development does seem rather rapid and doesn’t handle it nearly as well as Jason Brody in Far Cry 3 or Cpt. Walker in Spec Ops: The Line - however, the game has been met with great reviews, scoring 86 on metacritic.


Stardrive [66% Discount - $10.19USD, £8.49GBP, $10.19AUD]

Stardrive is similar to Endless Space from Day 1 of the sales and is selling at exactly the same price, except this game has certainly got mixed reviews from critics - scoring 61 on metacritic. If Endless Space didn’t catch your eye, then this one is certainly worth glossing over today.


Age of Empires II: HD [50% Discount - $9.99USD, £7.49GBP, $9.99AUD]

Age of Empires is one of those franchises that we all know, even if you haven’t played any of the games in the series. This HD remake of a classic game has struggled to achieve critics approval and has only reached a metascore of 68. Perhaps a game to grab if you had played the original Age of Empires II, but not a franchise introducer.


RPG Maker VX [66% Discount - $23.79USD, £16.99GBP, $23.79AUD]

Certainly an interesting concept, RPG Maker VX gives you the opportunity to create your very own RPG in the style of one of those classic Nintendo handheld games, such as Pokemon or Zelda. It seems to have a great user interface and be full of resources, but this is certainly a game that will appeal to a very small fanbase. Making a game isn’t an easy task, and this may become extremely tedious very quickly.


Borderlands 2 [66% Discount - $10.19USD, £6.79GBP, $16.99AUD]

This is one I will actually recommend. A genuinely hilarious game at times with great gameplay, great characters and “bazillions of guns”. Scoring 89 on metacritic, it’s certainly not only me that had fun with this title. A great follow up to the original Borderlandsthis series is without a doubt Gearbox’s greatest achievement to date and will make you forget that they also made the abominations that were Duke Nukem Forever and Alien: Colonial Marines. The only I will say about this is that without a few co-op partners to play with, you will not have as much fun.


Might and Magic Heroes VI [66% Discount - $10.19USD, £6.79GBP, $11.87AUD]

Might and Magic Heroes VI is a turn based strategy game from Black Hole Entertainment, as part of the Heroes of Might and Magic series, another famous franchise that we all know - even if we haven’t touched upon it ourselves. Gaining a metascore of 77, this game supposedly has a great replay value. This game will appeal to a certain kind of person and if you are unsure if that is you - it isn’t.


Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army [50% Discount - $5.09USD, £3.39GBP, $5.09AUD]

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army is a standalone expansion of Sniper Elite v2. The gameplay isn’t perfect and can be somewhat buggy but it can be a whole lot of fun when playing 4 player co-op. It’s release was somewhat underwhelming as it only grabbed a metascore of 62, a lot more was expected of this but could certainly be worth grabbing with a few friends in the sales.


Mars: War Logs [50% Discount - $9.99USD, £7.49GBP, $9.99AUD]

Cyberpunk - on Mars. This Sci-fi RPG seems a little unfinished and hasn’t received great reviews, scoring just 59 on metacritic. The graphics and animations could do with some polishing and the combat engine certainly doesn’t seem to be the greatest but if you enjoy the idea of a cyberpunk styled game on Mars, this could be for you. 


Resident Evil 6 [50% Discount - $19.99USD, £9.99GBP, $19.99AUD]

One day we might get another game in the Resident Evil series that matches or even beats Resident Evil 4, but this is not that game. Not the worst game in this series, but certainly not the best - this game struggled with reviewers and settled on a metascore of 68. Dedicated fans of this franchise will still enjoy this game, but again - this isn’t a franchise introducer.


The Witcher 2 [75% Discount - $4.99USD, £3.74GBP, $4.99AUD] 

The Witcher is highly regarded as a truly great RPG game. Scoring 88 on metacritic and selling 1.7 million units worldwide, this game is a must-have for RPG fans if you haven’t already grabbed it. With Witcher 3 currently in production for PC and next gen consoles, now would be a great time to get involved in this franchise and get this game at a great 75% discount.


Please feel free to leave your recommendations and reviews on these games in the comments below! And remember that even if you miss out on these daily deals, the games could still return in the flash sales or community picks!