Steam Summer Sale: Day 2

Steam Summer Sale: Day 2 Daily Deals are still up for just a few more hours, so here’s the rundown of today’s Daily Deals, and today is a great day!


Pick of the Day - The Walking Dead [75% Discount - $6.24USD, £5.24GBP, $6.24AUD]

Telltale Games’ Game of the Year for 2012 The Walking Dead is an absolute must play if you haven’t already. More of an interactive story than a game, this will without a doubt play with your emotions as you make incredibly tough decisions in an effort to survive and protect the best child character of all time, Clementine, from harm. Telltale take the ideas behind Heavy Rain and make them absolutely fantastic. If you haven’t played this yet, I cannot recommend it enough.


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare [75% Discount - $6.24USD, £4.74GBP, $6.24AUD]

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is an extremely unique and exceptionally fun multiplayer game. With many different classes and weapons to batter your opponents across the battlefield with, this is without a doubt one an absolute bargain if you need a break from your typical FPS game - just don’t expect to do well in your first game.


Call of Duty: Black Ops II [50% Discount - $29.99USD, £19.99GBP, $44.99AUD]

Ah, Call of Duty. The franchise that has been endlessly on the interest slated more and more in every release since COD4. I am going to put myself out in a very vulnerable place and say that I like this game, both the story and the multiplayer. Perhaps the best in the franchise since my personal favourite World at War. This game actually does improve on some of the more enraging multiplayer elements and provides what has been consistently good gameplay in the series. It is of course, a standard Call of Duty game and whilst there are improvements that are noticeable to someone who has kept with the franchise, it remains very similar in feel and gameplay to those who have not, and if that is just not for you then this price is absolutely not worth your time. Although - Zombies.


Darksiders II [80% Discount - $9.99USD, £6.99GBP, $9.99AUD]

Darksiders II is a Hack’n’Slash, Action-RPG from Vigil Games. Met with good reviews, Darksiders 2 allows you to play as ‘Death’ in order to undo mankind’s extinction. This game certainly isn’t one that I would play; but at such a huge discounted price, if you are a fan of RPG’s, this game could be for you.


Surgeon Simulator [66% Discount - $3.39USD, £2.37GBP, $3.39AUD]

No doubt you’ve seen the countless videos of people attempting to play this game on Youtube. Surgeon Simulator on Steam expands on the once free version of the game to add more “missions” as you attempt to poorly guide your arm and fingers around to try and pull out the many organs of the poor guy in front of you.


Just Cause 2 [80% Discount - $2.99USD, £1.99GBP, $2.99AUD]

At such a low price, you can barely say no to this absolutely mayhemic open world action game from Avalanche Studios. This game is endless fun in both single and multiplayer game types, especially on the giant PC servers. Hijacking helicopters, riding cars and blowing up huge oil tankers are just some of the things that will amuse you for hours in this must-have.


Fez [50% Discount - $4.99USD, £3.49GBP, $4.99AUD]

Fez is a puzzle-platformer indie game that was met with great reviews, scoring 91 on metacritic and was declared as Eurogamer’s 2012 Game of the Year. The plot of the game involves a 2D character named Gomez discovering a hat that allows him to perceive the 3rd dimension, which creates for some very unique and interesting gameplay elements. 


Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 [85% Discount - $4.49USD, £3.74GBP, $4.49AUD]

I personally wonder how a sequel to the first Sniper Ghost Warrior was ever commissioned, but here it is. Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 was met with mixed reviews among critics and has only averaged a metacritic score of 52. You’d have to really appreciate Sniper gameplay to want to play this, and although you may think the price justifies trying this title - it doesn’t.


Anno 2070 [50% Discount - $14.99USD, £9.99GBP, $17.46AUD]

Anno 2070 is a futuristic economic and city-building simulation game with real-time strategy elements, co-developed by German studios Related Designs and Ubisoft Blue Byte, requiring Uplay to operate the game. If simulation or strategy games are the your thing, then this well recieved game is certainly worth trying.


FTL [75% Discount - $2.49USD, £1.74GBP, $2.49AUD] 

FTL or Faster than Light is a top-down, real-time strategy indie game from Subset games that allows you to become captain of your own starship. Certainly not a game for everybody, however it has been well received by critics and has scored itself a metascore of 84.


Please feel free to leave your recommendations and reviews on these games in the comments below! And remember that even if you miss out on these daily deals, the games could still return in the flash sales or community picks!