Steam Summer Sale Day 11

Here’s the Daily Deals for the Steam Summer Sale Day 11! Encore day! Yesterday was the last day for anything new to pop up, so we’re just gonna be grabbing anything we might have missed today! Just a heads up, I will not be rewriting everything I have written, so I will just be combing articles here.


Pick of the Sales! – Bioshock Infinite [50% Discount – $29.99USD, £17.49GBP, $39.99AUD]

Bioshock Infinite is Irrational Games’ First Person Shooter title created in Unreal Engine 3 with a metacritic score of 94. Without a doubt a strong ‘Game of the Year’ candidate for 2013, this game is certainly one that you need to play. Whether or not you liked the first Bioshock game, this game is still one to check out. It improves on almost every aspect of the game, notably the combat engine and gameplay mechanics. However, it is the inclusion of the most useful companion ever, Elizabeth, that truly gives this game a unique feel. Pick of the sales due to it being my current GOTY.


The Walking Dead [75% Discount – $6.24USD, £5.24GBP, $6.24AUD]

Telltale Games’ Game of the Year for 2012 The Walking Dead is an absolute must play if you haven’t already. More of an interactive story than a game, this will without a doubt play with your emotions as you make incredibly tough decisions in an effort to survive and protect the best child character of all time, Clementine, from harm. Telltale take the ideas behind Heavy Rain and make them absolutely fantastic. If you haven’t played this yet, I cannot recommend it enough.


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare [75% Discount – $6.24USD, £4.74GBP, $6.24AUD]

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is an extremely unique and exceptionally fun multiplayer game. With many different classes and weapons to batter your opponents across the battlefield with, this is without a doubt one an absolute bargain if you need a break from your typical FPS game – just don’t expect to do well in your first game.


Tomb Raider [75% Discount – $12.49USD, £7.49GBP, $17.49AUD]

Lara Croft returns in a much grittier adventure than ever before in Tomb Raider. A far cry from the Tomb Raider we saw on the PS1, this game looks and feels much like Uncharted if Nathan Drake had been born a woman. Showing off some of the most gruesome death scenes since the Mortal Kombat series. Certainly a reboot of the franchise, this game takes place before Lara learns to be an absolute badass. Character development does seem rather rapid and doesn’t handle it nearly as well as Jason Brody in Far Cry 3 or Cpt. Walker in Spec Ops: The Line – however, the game has been met with great reviews, scoring 86 on metacritic.


Borderlands 2 [66% Discount – $10.19USD, £6.79GBP, $16.99AUD]

This is one I will actually recommend. A genuinely hilarious game at times with great gameplay, great characters and “bazillions of guns”. Scoring 89 on metacritic, it’s certainly not only me that had fun with this title. A great follow up to the original Borderlandsthis series is without a doubt Gearbox’s greatest achievement to date and will make you forget that they also made the abominations that were Duke Nukem Forever and Alien: Colonial Marines. The only I will say about this is that without a few co-op partners to play with, you will not have as much fun.


Kerbal Space Program [40% Discount – $13.79USD, £10.79GBP, $13.79AUD]

Kerbal Space Program or KSP has had a great reception already, and is only in it’s alpha stage. This sandbox space flight simulator has been praised highly in it’s physics engines and realism – despite what you might think from the green humanoid characters. With such a great reception at such an early stage in the build, it might be time to see what all the fuss is about. The game is out on Windows, Mac and Linux too, so there’s really no excuse.


Dishonored [66% Discount – $10.19USD, £5.09GBP, $15.29AUD]

Without a doubt one of my top 5 games of 2012, Dishonored is an awesome stealth game with a great combat engine and some fun mechanics such as a the “Blink” teleport to help you navigate your way around enemies. Made by Arkane Studios and scoring 91 on metacritic, this game was a huge hit last year. A relatively short but certainly replayable story with missions that allow you to very much chose the way you will carry out your assassinations whilst also giving you the options of side quests – I was absolutely hooked whilst playing this game. Very reminiscent of the Bioshock series’ gameplay style in terms of combat, this is certainly a game you have to play. Now go murder people with Rats. (Oh god, the Rats…)


Torchlight 2 [75% Discount – $4.99USD, £3.74GBP, $4.99AUD]

Critically acclaimed action-rpg Torchlight 2 boasts a metacritic score of 88, as well as a multiplayer experience – unlike the original game. This game features randomly generated dungeons for the player to explore, giving each player a slightly unique experience when playing this game, alongside 4 different player classes to use. One of the best indie titles out there, hats off to Runic Games.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Legendary Edition [40% Discount – $35.99USD, £17.99GBP, $29.99AUD]

Today was a damn difficult pick of the day, but Bethesda’s Skyrim JUST takes it due to the DLC that comes with the Legendary Edition and the massive amount of content hours that this game provides you in just it’s base content alone. That and it is an incredibly fun game, with addictive gameplay and a huge, beautiful world map to explore. One of the best RPG games around – this is one for both newcomers and long-term fans of the Elder Scrolls series. One hell of a game. 

Once you finish this, you should check out the new 25 hours worth of content in the free Falskaar mod – An incredible 2000 hour effort from one 19 year old game developer. 


Sid Meier’s Civilization V [75% Discount – $7.49USD, £4.99GBP, $17.49AUD]

The ultimate one more click series, this is the most addictive strategy game around. I’ve easily sank hundreds of hours into this game, all entirely worth it. An incredibly fun and addictive series, this is certainly a franchise you have to check out if you’ve never played it. Not a game I thought i’d enjoy when I was first recommended it, this franchise sucked me in and I have been an avid fan ever since. Just watch out for Gandhi in the Civilization games. He’s an asshole.


Huge thanks to those of you who have read any or all of my articles about the Steam Summer Sale! If there’s anything you want that hasn’t come up in a Daily Deal or Flash Sale yet, wait until the last 8 hours of the sale to grab it! Hope you all had a great summer sale.