Steam Summer Sale Day 10

Here’s the Daily Deals from today’s Steam Summer Sale Day 10! Here’s the penultimate day of the sale!


Pick of the Day – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [66% Discount – $5.09USD, £4.07GBP, $5.09AUD]

A great buy for any fans of first-person shooters, this sequel to the huge hit Counter-Strike: Source includes revamps of classic maps, new maps and new game modes. The updated user interface of the game makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable. Valve have certainly delivered a better looking, better playing Counter-Strike with this title.


Prison Architect [34% Discount – $19.79USD, £13.19GBP, $19.79AUD]

Prison Architect is a game currently in it’s alpha stage of release that has received huge critical reception already. Made by British software company Introversion Software, this game has a very interesting art style and is a relatively unique concept with interesting gameplay.


Starforge Alpha [50% Discount – $9.99USD, £7.49GBP, $9.99AUD]

Certainly a very interesting concept, this is a Minecraft styled survival game, but with realistic looking graphics and a Halo feel – if Halo were in 3rd person. It takes your typical building, digging and crafting mechanics, but boasts a super realistic physics movement engine to include parkour to your characters movement. Alongside this, the building structures that you create monitor the structural integrity of your buildings in real time. This could be a fantastic game, and I entirely back it. However, I am going to recommend that you do not buy this yet, purely due to how early in development this game is.


Saints Row: The Third [75% Discount – $4.99USD, £4.99GBP, $4.99AUD]

Not a game that I enjoyed, nor a franchise that I am a fan of anymore – it seems to have lost it’s way since the second iteration of the series. Nevertheless, this is a franchise that a lot of people are fans of, and it does have undeniably fun co-op. So if you like, over-the-top, repetitive and predictable humour, go ahead and buy this.


Natural Selection 2 [75% Discount – $6.24USD, £4.74GBP, $6.24AUD]

Natural Selection 2 is a blend of first person shooting and real time strategy multiplayer game in which a human team fights an alien team for resources and locational objectives. Undeniably a successful game, selling 144,000 units in it’s first week of distribution and scoring a metascore of 80. Certainly worth a look.


Omerta – City of Gangsters [75% Discount – $9.99USD, £7.49GBP, $9.99AUD]

Omerta – City of Gangsters is created by the makers of Tropico 3 and 4 and is clearly a gangster themed game set in an era of prohibition. An interesting concept for a turn based strategy-simulation game, but a poor execution. This title has a disappointing metascore of 54, with a reputation for bland gameplay and a distinct lack of character. Not one i’d recommend, but if you into this not expecting anything too much, then it may surprise you.


Assassin’s Creed 3 [80% Discount – $10.99USD, £6.99GBP, $10.99AUD]

This game takes a looooooooong time to get going, taking roughly 7 hours of gameplay before you even become the main Connor character. Graphically, it looks good, gameplay is good – but there is just something about this that doesn’t have the same pull as the previous Assassin’s Creed titles. It may be the horrifically whiny Connor, the incredibly frustrating eavesdropping missions or the slow paced story – there is certainly something. Aside from this, it does have some really great combat mechanics and some of the missions are truly epic. A hit and miss title, but one for the hardcore fans of the franchise without a doubt.


Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed [75% Discount – $7.49USD, £4.99GBP, $9.99AUD]

It escapes me why a hedgehog who can run faster than the speed of sound would ever need to race in a car but as it’s Sonic i’m going to run without because I love him. However, this game looks to be a whole lot of fun and I really like the concept of the vehicles transforming between cars and planes midway through the race – it just adds a touch of something a little different to it. A great looking game, certainly one for fans of Sonic – and maybe even one for those of you just looking for a bit of a laugh with friends.


Worms Revolution [40% Discount – $3.74USD, £2.99GBP, $3.74AUD]

The ultimate in turn-based strategy games. The Worms franchise is an absolute classic that I and many, many others have had hours upon hours of fun with. Certainly best played against your friends, there is nothing like blowing up your buddies with an exploding sheep, or punching them off of a cliff and watching those suckers drown. An absolute bargain, and certainly something worth grabbing with your friends for some co-op mayhem.


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords [66% Discount – $3.39USD, £2.37GBP, $3.39AUD] 

Man, Star Wars is awesome. Grabbing a metascore of 85, this game received positive reviews as a sequel to the huge hit that was Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Without a doubt one for fans of the Star Wars franchise to check out, as it is one of the best games that LucasArts have ever put out. Man, I love Star Wars.


Please feel free to leave your recommendations and reviews on these games in the comments below! And remember that even if you miss out on these daily deals, the games could still return in the flash sales or community picks!